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With adjustable strap, saffiano leather, top zip closure, zip pocket, this stylish crossbody bag will be an stylish option for every woman. So you'd think after buying the MK at the airport I wouldn't be on the look out for another new handbag. Every season Zara seems to come up trumps with some pretty good handbags, and judging by my instagram last night, a lot of people like this bag. Well that is what I am telling myself after purchasing two black bags in the space of about a month and a half! With one large compartment & a couple of smaller pockets on the side, its the perfect handbag for me to lug my life around! My i-pad fits in fine (but obviously that is a bit smaller!) The detachable strap is a godsend because, I will be honest this bag gets heavy!

I placed the order on Monday evening, selecting Standard delivery, by Wednesday I had it in my possession. It was a well deserved treat after saving for our wedding and paying everything off before our big day! I originally wanted the smaller version of this bag and mistakenly picked up the tote version instead. If you aren't one to spend big bucks on handbags, then I would highly suggest the Zara office city bag as a good a alternative, with extra compartments for those of you that like to be super organised. I was surprised to see that the inside was split into two compartments as that isn't clear online,  it was a lot more roomy than I expected! That being said though, I carry a lot of stuff with me and I am glad I got the bigger size.

The zips on either side can be completely undone, so you can really fill out the bag if you wish., I think I will be keeping them zipped up slightly to achieve a celine-esque look!
If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to email updates in order to never miss a post again. The luxe-looking saffiano leather reminds me of Prada and the pop of pink would be a great way to incorporate some color into any outfit.

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