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In 2014, finding the perfect carry-on bag with the right carry-on Sizes and Regulations can be quite the hurdle.
Recently, airlines have become much stricter enforcing their carry-on luggage size requirements. Today, most domestic airlines in the United States allow carry-ons up to 22” by 14” by 9,” for a total of 45” linear inches. There have also been strides made in personal bag tracking, where you can accurately locate your luggage.
When traveling with SAS, you are always allowed to bring at least one piece of checked baggage for free. Additional bags above the allowance will be charged 20 EUR for domestic flights, 30 EUR for flights to Europe and Scandinavia, and 50 EUR for intercontinental flights to Asia or the US.
These prices are for both Economy and Business passengers, although the weight limits for these bags are different. Overweight bags for Economy passengers will be charged either EUR 30, EUR 45, or EUR 70, depending on the destination.
If you travel with additional baggage or your bags are overweight or oversized, you will pay a flat rate per piece of baggage. The worlds airlines have no standardized carry on luggage size limits making it impossible to buy one bag that will always meet the requirements. Previously the International Air Transport Association (IATA) had guidelines for it’s member airlines about carry on luggage size limits. Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) including all handles, side pockets, wheels etc. Despite all the media storm the situation remains as it’s always been except that it seems at the moment that IATA have no published guidelines. We recommend a carry on luggage size that falls within the following dimensions to conform with the current requirements of most airlines.
Cabin bags within these size limits will be suitable for a greater number of airlines but still provide a decent amount of space. Frequent fliers that travel on multiple airlines particularly those who travel to Europe may with to consider purchasing 2 bags – one larger bag and one smaller bag to use with budget airlines that have more restrictive policies.
Remember a carry on duffel bag is also a good option for those that like to think outside the box. The maximum dimensions for your personal item, such as a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or other small item, are 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm). Many times if your bag is slightly larger than the advertised size restrictions you won’t have any problems. In addition to this allowance, all passengers are allowed to bring a handbag or small laptop bag onboard for free.
You can bring duty-free goods purchased outside of the EU when you are transferring to another flight at an EU airport. SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES CARRY ON BAGGAGE ALLOWANCEYourself for fees between stockholm arlanda and weights and size restrictions. Overall, we found the airline’s in-flight service standards in both cabins to be excellent and the service helped make the flights pass quickly – almost too quickly, in fact, given the pampering we got, particularly in Business Class. Scandinavian Airlines has newly won an award for its long-haul premium economy service from the magazine Global Traveler.
One feature of the Economy Extra cabin on Scandinavian Airlines’ Airbus A330-300s is, however, not ideal.
If anything, Scandinavian Airlines’ A330 economy cabins are a little under-equipped for toilets.
Though not quite a full flat-bed seat, the SAS Business Sleeper seat offers a 52cm (20in) wide seat, 155cm (61in) of seat pitch and 200cm (79in) of personal space.
Scandinavian Airlines’ long-haul Business Sleeper seats feature a 170-degree recline. In-flight service in Scandinavian Airlines’ Business Class is really luxurious but not overdone.
In Business Class, SAS features its ‘Scandinavian World Cooking’ – international cuisine, served the Scandinavian way. Accompanying the meal service were Scandinavian-styled eating implements and glasses – glasses from Orrefors, cutlery from Georg Jensen and porcelain from Royal Copenhagen.
Although SAS’ wine choices were limited to two whites and two reds, they were very well-chosen. We also savored every drop of the dessert wine offered, a 2002 Chateau Romer du Hayot Sauternes.
On all SAS long-haul flights, the Business Class cabin features a buffet bar at which passengers can help themselves to drinks, fruits, snacks and sandwiches between meals, and pour themselves fresh coffee from an espresso machine.

Flight attendants came round often during our flight with bottles of water – a must for adequate hydration on longer flights. On overnight flights, passengers who wish to sleep longer receive a “Grab & Go” breakfast bag and coffee when exiting the flight.
All in all, we think SAS premium-economy travelers will feel well-served during their flights, while Business Class passengers should feel rested, relaxed and fit to face the world when they get off the aircraft. Flying business class is really the only way to go if you are going to be on a plane for a long time. In the past, airlines used to measure the size of the luggage you were bringing from the bottom to the top of the bag. Most people who know the word carry-on or have used a carry-on typically use them by way of airplane for 2-4 day trips.
Many international flights have even tighter restrictions allowing bags sized only 42” linear inches or smaller.
Although we update this periodically, please be sure to check with the airlines for their most up to date restrictions and fees. Fortunately for the modern traveler, the amount of mishandled bags has been steadily declining. These trackers are connected to the internet to view real-time information about the status of your bag. These bags have 4 wheels as opposed to 2 and have the ability to spin 360 degrees while being rolled around. At present it seems unlikely that airlines will adopt the smaller proposed size as their maximum limit. Briefcases and laptop computers are considered hand baggage and may be brought on board in addition to the limits indicated. Some airlines let you hang your items in the flight closet if there is space and it can’t hurt to ask. We went to a lot of trouble to compile this table and if you Like Us On Facebook or Tweet about us we’ll be your best friend forever.
If you fly on one, we may ask you to leave your cabin bag at the door, where it will be checked in and returned to you when you leave the aircraft.
The magazine surveyed more than 36,000 readers who were frequent flyers and most of whom generally traveled in a service cabin other than economy class. First, Economy Extra passengers can skip economy-class check-in lines by checking in at Business Class counters and then can go quickly through Fast Track security (where available) and enjoy priority boarding.
Besides manually adjustable neck-rests, the Economy Extra seats also feature foot rests for greater comfort. Although the seats rows are laid out in comfortable 2-3-2 rows, the Economy Extra cabin has no dedicated toilets for its passengers. So it is probably a good idea to book an aisle seat rather than a window seat if traveling in Economy Extra: you won’t have to disturb a sleeping fellow-passenger to get to the restrooms and you might be able to get back there a little more often than we were able to.
The cabin has its own restrooms – each with its own window to the sky outside, making each restroom feel bright and airy. When fully reclined at 170 degrees, the SAS Business Sleeper creates a 188cm (74in) -long bed with an additional 15cm (6in) of width at the shoulders. The SAS Business Sleeper is equipped with a 10.4in screen, offering movies, music and games on demand. Meal service on our Stockholm-Newark flight started with an amuse bouche of venison with horseradish, followed by a delicious, light first course of salmon, mustard and dill.
A course of Swedish cheeses followed, after which traditional Swedish lemon-and-pine-nut cake and fruit salad was offered. We plumped for the 2008 La Biondina Colombard-Sauvignon from Australian viticulturist Joe Grilli’s Primo Estates. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that internationally known wine writer and broadcaster Oz Clarke chooses the wines for SAS. Before landing, we were offered open-face sandwiches with shrimp and mayonnaise or roast beef, potato salad and horseradish, as well as a dessert. Everyone deserves to fly in comfort and now it is a lot easier to find competitive rates that you can afford. This measurement never included the added height of wheels and handles, this made purchasing a bag easy.
A carry-on bag is typically one that you carry onto the plane and store in the overhead bin.
Now, airlines are measuring from the floor to the top of the bag, including the wheels and handle, effectively tightening the restrictions and rendering older carry-ons too large. Also some airlines even allow customers to track their luggage like a parcel, throughout the journey from their websites or mobile app.

Please consult the following table for information on the number of bags that you are allowed to check in free of charge on flights operated by SAS to and from all destinations:Other baggage rules may apply on flights operated by airlines other than SAS, Blue1 and Wideroe. International Airlines can have strictly enforced weight limits so you need to think seriously about the weight of your case. SAS’ Economy Extra service is available on all its flights linking Europe with Asia and the U.S. They also receive a greater baggage allowance than in economy class, including one additional piece of  carry-on luggage.
SAS EuroBonus members receive 150 per cent EuroBonus points when traveling in Economy Extra. Economy Extra passengers have to make their way towards the back of the plane to use the same toilets as those for Economy class passengers.
Each restroom also has its own handle bar for in-flight stretching, if you’re feeling fit enough to exercise after consuming the good food and drink you are offered during the flight. Plenty of cognacs, liqueurs and cocktails were also on offer, as one might expect in a good transatlantic business-class cabin.
However, in recent times, airlines have changed over their overall measuring procedures to now measure the bag from the ground to the top of the bag. All airlines and planes have different requirements and restrictions as to what sizes are allowed, what the maximum weight allowed it as well as what can be carried in the bag. Some airlines have dimensions slightly larger, or slightly smaller, so it is extremely important to check with the airline before using a bag as a carry-on. So next time you book a trip you can feel relief in knowing that measures have been taken to get you and your bags to the same destination at the same time. The issue that some people have is that the bag they bought doesn’t list the larger size with the wheels, so they end up having to check the bag or pay and oversize fee. There are some carry on bags that are dedicated to keeping your clothes wrinkle and crease free.
This shift in procedure as well as all airlines having different size restrictions has turned the world of luggage upside down and has changed how many companies design and brand their bags. Domestic airplanes typically provide a larger size to be allowed in comparison to international airplanes (we’ll get more into that later). This success is a result of the billions of dollars spent in creating new technology to more properly handle luggage. While this issue isn’t frequent with 2 wheel bags, some bag designs end up being taller with the wheels and handle as well. Between sizes, weights, 2 wheels vs 4 wheel, hardside vs softside and styles, finding a carry-on that suits you is no easy task. Technologies such as scanner, RFID bag tags and faster claim belts have made it easier to locate your luggage. If you are travelling with one of our partner airlines on a so-called codeshare flight, the operating airline's baggage rules may apply. Luckily, we’ve built this page to help you find the perfect carry-on bag for your next trip. Airlines realize that every mishandled bag costs them money and possibly a future customer.
The IATA airlines (of which SAS is one) have agreed on a common policy - IATA Resolution 302. This resolution regulates which airline's baggage rules apply when you travel with two or more airlines on the same itinerary. The reason for this resolution is to make it easier for you as a customer to know how much checked baggage you can check in when you travel. The allowable weight of this extra piece depends on the ticket type you are traveling on.Baggage dropIf you use a self-service device to check in, you can leave your baggage at the baggage drop counter.
The staff at the counter will ensure that the baggage tags match your ticket and ID.Special considerationsConsider what you pack in your checked baggage - and how you pack it.
If you pack anything sharp, make sure that it cannot penetrate the container to avoid causing injury to yourself or airport staff or damage to other baggage. Fragile and valuable items should be transported in carry-on baggage because we do not compensate for damages if they occur. Remember that your hand baggage must have a maximum dimension of 55x40x23 cm and 8 kg in weight.

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