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You see, Amazon is offering 30% off fall and back-to-school essential for men, women and kids on Amazon with coupon code 30FORFALL when you choose from the selection here. I also have a true passion for cooking and baking, so I'll share some of my favorite family recipes with you, too. Sign up to receive my free daily e-newsletter in your inbox or subscribe to my RSS feed for my daily deal and freebie updates. Made out of patented glass fibre tent construction and seamless design, this revolutionary piece of luggage boasts winning the prestigious Red Dot Design award. Lite- Shock, an exciting new CurvA® collection from SamsoniteA®, the worlda€™s leading luggage brand for more than 100 years, pushes the boundaries of the luggage world to the extreme.
Inspired by ripples in the water, this patented self- reinforced organic design, enables a strong and even lighter suitcase; the cabin-size spinner 55 weighs less than a large bottle of water (1,7 kg) and the spinner 75 weighs just 2,6 kg, helping you avoid excess baggage fees. MakrolonA® by Bayer is a polycarbonate resin, an amorphous thermoplastic material noted for its outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, glass-like transparency, excellent thermal resistance, and low-temperature toughness. Samsonite, in a continuing commitment to develop collaborative projects showcasing the work of acclaimed artists and design houses, has embraced the iconic artistry of world-renowned artist Keith HaringA® (1958-1990), to create a fun and colourful new collection.
The collection is comprised of luggage, backpack, shoulder bag and travel accessories, emblazoned with the designs for which Keith Haring is best known for all over the world.

Samsonite, the worlda€™s leading travel brand, is delighted to introduce the new Cosmolite suitcase featuring artwork by Lie Sang Bong, often referred to as the a€?Korean McQueena€?, between Koreaa€™s most famous fashion designer and Samsonitea€™s cutting-edge engineers.
Harmony, which is the theme of this project, is also an underlying motif of much of Lie Sang Bonga€™s work. Samsonite, the worlda€™s leading travel brand, and Liberty Art Fabrics, the UKa€™s premier textile brand, have joined together to create Samsonite x Liberty Art Fabrics, a limited-edition collection that blends quintessential British style with sleek, modern design.
Super-stylish and ultra-functional, the Samsonite x Liberty Art Fabrics collection combines designs from Samsonitea€™s two highlighted collections: B-Lite 3 and Cosmolite with a specially chosen heritage floral print from Liberty Art Fabrics. Samsonite, the worlda€™s leading travel brand, demonstrates its innovative spirit with its new line of luggage, VOX. R-21 is a distinctive and stylish looking soft case, bringing design inspired by a book, which is filled with travel memories.
Made in Europe, Lite- Shock combines strong, dynamic style with exceptional lightness due to the revolutionary CurvA® material, exclusive to Samsonite within the luggage arena.
A pioneer of urban street art in the early 1980s, Haringa€™s work is instantly recognisable by its bold lines and lively, colourful figures. Keith Haring by Samsonite is a perfect partnership, celebrating the energy of an artist renowned for his bold visual language, vivid colours and public artwork.

For his design Lie turned to his heralded love of traditional Korean calligraphy to reproduce his iconic a€?Rounda€? artwork in black and grey, which captures a harmonious, oriental sensibility. Perfect for the sophisticated traveller with a stylish side, Samsonite x Liberty Art Fabrics is a collection that showcases the best of two worlds. VOX solves pesky packing dilemmas thanks to its innovative a€?smart interiora€? system, which lets frequent travellers organize and access their items with complete ease and convenience. I LOVE to find deals on all things kitchen, family, home, beauty, women's & kid's clothing and more. This luggage marvel combines efficient design with outstanding performance and is sure to make a perfect travel companion for all your journeys! For VOX, Samsonite created unique a€?packing cubesa€? that offer a creative solution for packing problems. Each cube has been designed to maximize luggage space and simplify organization so that travellers no longer have to worry about how best to pack their bags.

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