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Purchasing the best backpacks for laptops might be annoying but little considerations like comfort, style, use and flexibility of movement must go along with your decision making process to find the best laptop backpack for you. This laptop backpack is available with comfortable shoulder strap system, multi airflow features, sunglass holder, water bottle pockets, divider pockets and padded compartment system. This laptop backpack offers computer compartments with lot of space and scope for adjusting gadgets and accessories. One of the most comfortable and best backpacks for laptops, Targus Legend IQ Backpack is compatible with up to 16 inch laptops, diferent iPads or tablets. Zippered pockets at the front and those at the top allow you to adjust MP3 player, sunglasses, cell phone, cords, etc. This is one of the most comfortable and best backpacks for laptops available with a padded compartment that can safeguard laptops with almost up to 17 inch screens. Well equipped with ? zipped laptop compartment system, this backpack also comes with speed pockets in which you can carry your cell phones; it provides instant access to your contents and hence we have included this into our one of the best laptop backpack of 2014. This backpack can be used to carry notebook computers within 17 inches size and is securely teamed with huge multi compartment system. It is well equipped with integrated and dedicated laptop compartments that allow provision for adjusting cell phones, power cords and passports with secure zipper pockets, fitted also at the sides.
Made of 100% polyester, this laptop backpack is designed to offer an adjustable and perfect fit to your laptop. Made up of higher quality and durable nylon, with Targus Drifter II Backpack you get multiple zippered compartments with reliable zip pulling system and case bottom that is resistant to water. To make the most of your laptop’s portability, you will want to get a good bag to carry it around. The most important feature to look for is that the best laptop backpack in question has a designated compartment for the backpack.
If you have a larger laptop, such as one with a 16 or 17-inch screen, then you also need to pay close attention to the size of the backpack. Think about how you will be using the laptop backpack to carry things other than your computer. Because of the weight of a laptop with other supplies, you want to make sure the material of the bag you choose is sturdy.
Although not always the case, some of the best laptop backs will also have some sort of rain protection. You might have come across some of the seemingly best backpacks for laptops with amazing laptop backpack reviews but that’s not all that you should be aiming at, right?
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I came to your 5 Best backpacks for Laptops page and noticed you posted a very helpful review of some of the backpacks. My favorite has been Targus laptop backpack which I think is the best since I also use it as a regular backpack. I am a big fan of Samsonite laptop bags which I think is the best laptop backpack for me as I have until now bought over 7 backpacks and finally have the samsonite.

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If you don’t like the hardsided Samsonite luggage set, you can also currently find a Samsonite 2-Piece Softside Spinner Set at the store. The Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner 28 is very lightweight and durable spinner.
The Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel is excellent bag for travelling, it's very light weight and easy to access and roll.
Wenger Backpack by SwissGear with Padded Sleeve for Laptops (SA1537 Black) – The best laptop backpacks for college students.
Accommodates most of the laptops with 15 inch sizes and comes with interior pocket organizer setup.
It is made up of a material resistant to scratches; simply amazing for storage of gadgets and touch screen devices.
Useful organization panel in the backpack allows secure and easy storage of portable pens, electronics, etc. Compartments can comfortably carry cell phones, keys and pens along with water bottles at the sides.
There are various messenger bags and over-the-shoulder bags for laptops but many people prefer traditional backpacks. Most backpacks will fit a laptop, but only those with a designated compartment will offer your computer additional protection. Since many people have smaller laptops, such as those that are 13 inches or even 11 or smaller, a backpack that claims to fit a laptop may not fit yours. Your backpack will get heavier when you add in the charger and any books, water bottles, and other items. Most people will want extra zippers and compartments throughout the bag as well as enough interior space for other items. Purchase of your favorite laptop backpack includes considerations like how and where you plan to carry it and the items you need to accommodate preferably.
I found it very resourceful since I am in the market to buy the laptop backpack for my Dell Inspiron. You must have come across plenty of laptop backpack reviews online and if you are still not convinced, may be its time to look beyond only fashion or just comfort. It offers maximum support to your back with the help of extra padding and amazing airflow back system. Length of the straps can be adjusted with ease and the entire setup allows stress-free distribution of weight all over. It is available with multi-function pockets to help you adjust MP3 players, sunglasses folder and various other accessories.
It also has a storage section right at the front that does include vital media compartments like phone pockets. Good storage in interior space allows you to hold files, folders and books without any fuss.

It is also well equipped with comfortable padding to regulate heat and ease out carry troubles. With water bottle pockets at both sides, your laptops within 17 inches of size would comfortably fit into this laptop backpack. Going with a laptop backpack instead of another style bag lets you distribute the weight evenly and comfortably on your back, preventing back pain. The best backpacks will not only have a designated compartment that holds your laptop in place, but this area of the bag will have extra padding and maybe even Velcro or a similar closure so the computer doesn’t slide out of its built-in sleeve. If buying online, look for a specific claim that the bag fits a laptop of a certain size instead of a general claim that it fits some computer. Because of this, you want to choose a bag with comfortable shoulder straps, preferably wide ones with extra padding. Consider a backpack with small zippers to organize your keys, cell phone, pens, and other items. You can read the bag description and reviews to see whether it is strong enough to hold your laptop without ripping. These bags may be made of a water-proof or water-resistant material or have a separate rain cover that hides in a small pocket.
Think deeply about your specific requirements and you are all set to buy a laptop backpack that suits your personality and your lifestyle as well. Keeps your accessories safe and secure and hence its on the list of best laptop backpack and is also one of the best laptop backpacks for college students. Suitable for business needs because of an organized front pocket system that also includes tablet pocket. With so many backpacks on the market, you need to know which features are the most important to look for. You may also want one with an area for your computer charger, a USB drive, or a water bottle. It provides comfortable zipping with a guarantee of secure handling of laptops of any size from 13 inch to 15.6 inch and is therefore our #2 best laptop backpack. Concerns are multiple and luckily, with rising number of laptop backpack manufacturers, competition is getting fiercer.
This is the main reason that we have included this backpack in one of our best backpacks for laptops list.
We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. As a result, customers enjoy the benefit so why not also take a look at the 10 Best backpacks for laptops and also the best laptop backpack listed at #1.

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