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But no, our dear landlord for that weekend ; KY, came with a very good proposal how to maximize our weekend, by going to Johor - Malaysia!!. However this is only explaining if your traveling by personal car, not public transportation, but I found this good site which provides about how to get to JPO by public transportation. The scenery of 2nd Link highway is almost similar to Cipularang Tollway (highway in Indonesia that serves Jakarta to Bandung vv), but in much cleaner condition and smoother asphalt. Not all stores offer big discount, so you just have to know your game, my choice for a saver buying should go to Fossil (where I bought a watch, wristlet and a name card holder, Lolo also bought a bag and a watch (which is her bday gift from me), they sell great collection of (vintage look) bags and watches, I had trouble to choose which one I would like to buy, felt like I wanted to buy everything.
We strolled around about 2 hour and there was raining poured down so heavily, then we decided to have lunch while waiting for rain to stop. Our plan was simply just to stay at Singapore, watch Annie show, go to Harry Potter exhibition (which we didn't have time to go), shop to Mustafa, culinary trip for brunches, lunches and dinners. The driving from Singapore should take about 1,5 hours (including the immigration procedure) by 2nd Link via Tuas - immigration border, we took the Exit at Lima Kedai Toll and proceed to the Senai Airport Exit E 304 from our left.

Also, what impressed me, billboards in sideway are all in the same size, like the one above for Johor Premium Outlets, I love it!, very organized and properly placed.
Nike is also one of my choice (although I am more Puma girl), I bought a pair of a golden strap shoes that I loveee so much!. There is a small food court there, but none of the food stalls that caught my appetite, so I just go with a portion of BBQ chicken rice.
It took us faster to get to border but there was a very long queue at the Singapore - Tuas immigration check point. Samsonite is also offering good deal, I didn't buy anything but Lolo bought an American Tourister, small luggage for 2-3 days trip. Also being Indonesian (Lolo and I), we need to fill in the arrival card, so it took us longer to stop and parked at the immigration, waiting for our passports being checked.
Coach for me is slightly more expensive than Jakarta's store if they're having a sale, so I passed it.

I think it was about 20 minutes or maybe more as KY started to worry that we didn't come out from the office sooner. Vincci and Padini are also very tempting, good stuffs and a lot of great deals, but I managed myself not to buy anything from there. So, if I ever come back to JPO again (or for Legoland maybe?), better to prepare the arrival card before heading to immigration next time.

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