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Lost Luggage is the name, chosen by a group of young Trust members, who get actively involved in the work we do.
They meet outside of school hours and explore creative and fun ways of enabling young people’s voices to be heard. They have already championed an anti-stigma message by producing a DVD and radio jingle and have been involved in drama projects and performances at the Drill Hall in Lincoln. The group want to continue to challenge stigma around mental health and are always looking to welcome new members. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Tens of thousands of pounds worth of lost bags and belongings are being sold off by airlines at auctions across the country, The Daily Telegraph reports today. Heathrow is suffering a continuing crisis because of a chronic shortage of handlers and creaking infrastructure.
Last month this led to a backlog of up to 40,000 bags.BA has even started trucking unclaimed luggage to Milan for sorting. Recent headlines have made depressing reading for holidaymakers about to fly from a British airport.
Airlines insist that the luggage is only sold after going unclaimed for three months, but insiders at auction houses say that in reality some items have only been missing for a few weeks when they are sold.A worker at one of the main auctioneers, R F Greasbys in Tooting, south London, said he expected record numbers of bags to arrive in coming months.
So what can you do to make sure your holiday isn't ruined and your belongings don't end up in an auction house in Tooting?

If you're not too fastidious, not staying anywhere posh or are a man, it's perfectly possible to pack a week's worth of clothing into a bag this size, though it does take a bit of thought and practice. If folding isn't your forte, throw in a couple of shrink wrap T-shirts (Muji has a good range at A?9.95). Under the Montreal Convention, an international agreement on airlines' various liabilities to passengers, a limit of A?850 compensation can be claimed. You'll save space on toiletries since you can only take 100ml bottles of liquids (in a plastic bag) through security; anything else you need, you can buy airside.
You could buy a few clothes and books while you're at it, but it's risky - if the queues are long, you may not have time to shop.
Willie Walsh, the chief executive of BA, and other airline chiefs met Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, last week in an attempt to have this overturned.BA claims the restrictions mean 23,000 bags a day go through a system designed for 18,000. If you know you'll need more clothes than you've squeezed into your carry-on bag, buy them at your destination.
This doesn't always mean discarding them when you return since many airports outside the UK do not operate a one-bag rule. Those under two don't have a baggage allowance so even the one carry-on bag rule doesn't apply; older children will tire of the novelty of carrying their own bag long before security or lose it before you get on the plane. So pack checked luggage as if you will lose it: let everyone choose one favourite item - a T-shirt or a game, say - which goes in your hand luggage and leave all other favourite items at home. Then take the bare minimum: you can top up with cheap items from a hypermarket but you'll probably just get by with what you've got.

Illness, sunburn and arguments are the things that spoil a holiday, not wearing yesterday's clothes. If you're travelling with children under two, you can limit the number of bags - and the worry of them getting lost - by having baby products, food and heavy items sent to your destination. If you do check luggage in, go to town on luggage labels, both on the outside and, more importantly it would seem, on the inside of your suitcase. Outward-bound labels should include your name, flight number and destination address; for security reasons, it's better to include your work or a neighbour's address rather than your home address. But decide which items you really wouldn't want to be without and put them in your carry-on bag.
The service is not cheap: a delivery from the UK to Spain, for example, costs A?69 per bag, but that's for a case weighing up to 30kg (66lb), around 7kg (15lb) more than most airlines let you check in without charging you extra. You could split the case - and the price - with a travel companion, then pack additional items in your carry-on bags. It will cost another A?69 to send your case home again, but given that luggage seems to be more at risk on flights into rather than out of the UK, this could be the best A?69 you ever spend.

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