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Flight attendants working for domestic airlines staged a joint campaign Wednesday to publicize new industrywide regulations on the size and weight of carry-on baggage at Tokyo's Haneda airport. Attendants passed out fans with the size limits and showed passengers the maximum dimensions and weight of carry-on baggage. Each airline currently applies different baggage rules for different aircraft, which has confused passengers who use different types of planes for outbound and return trips. Under the new common regulations that will be shared by 17 carriers, carry-on bags must weigh no more than 10 kg and be no more than 45 cm tall, 20 cm wide and 35 cm deep for a plane with less than 100 seats. Packing for a trip is hard enough without having to worry about exceeding on-flight baggage limits. Whether it's to save on fare cost, to avoid airport baggage collection or just the need to have personal belongings close, air passengers nowadays are packing as much as they can into their carry-on bag. But regardless of how much passengers can cram into their carry-on size bag, standard airline baggage policy states the bag still needs to fit under the seat in front or in an overhead locker. Most airlines typically allow one carry-on baggage of up to 7kg for a domestic economy flight with restrictions placed on baggage dimensions. But what if there was a way you can carry more onto a flight without exceeding your carry-on baggage limit?
American travel clothing brand Scottevest has not only succeeded with a feminine trench coat with accent buttons, adjustable belt and stylish cut, but it has loaded the lightweight and water-resistant garment with 18 hidden pockets - a travellers' delight. That means you can put things like phones, travel documents, maps, guidebooks, paperbacks, water bottle and sunglasses into the coat and not worry about excess weight with carry-on baggage. Word leaked last month that United Airlines would begin to strictly enforce its carry-on policy on March 1, 2014 and new carry-on sizers began popping up around the gate areas of many United stations. For years travelers have flouted United's two-item carry-on policy by bringing large bags and and a third or fourth (or fifth or sixth) item onboard United flights. Carry-on Baggage must not exceed the Maximum Outside Linear Dimensions of 45 inches (114 cm) (height + width + depth), which includes its wheels and handles, and may not be longer than 22 inches in any single dimension.

Personal items must not exceed 36 linear inches, which includes any wheels and handles, and may not be longer than 17 inches in any single dimension.
The problem with that is that many "carry-on" bags, including those that are marketed as carry-on bags, do not satisfy this criteria.
When people trudge onto an aircraft with six bags or a bag that is so big that there is not a snowball's chance in hell it will fit in an overhead locker, most passengers--and FAs--just ignore it or roll their eyes and it is only later, to the delay of others, that the bag must be dragged to the aircraft door to be checked. With carry-on abuse rife, we should all celebrate that United is finally cracking down on this.
Still, a little discretion goes a long way and United must be careful not to be so strict that they let an imperfect rule overrule common sense. I thought I read on Flyertalk that the sizer is intentionally larger than the stated dimension restrictions, in order to accommodate the "traditional" 22 inch carry-ons like yours.
Of course, there's also always something to be said for Spirit's policy -- charging a fee for both checked and carry-on luggage -- which if implemented properly isn't all that crazy of a way of restoring proper incentives. Your post is incorrect - UA is in fact charging the checked bag rate for those who end up having too many pieces that must be checked at the gate.
My rollerboard fits in the sizer, but my relatively small laptop backpack is a bit too wide based on specs, but also fits in the sizer.
I almost never check bags, but I'm really looking forward better enforcement helping the horrid boarding procedure. Brad just curious how you have managed "several" flights since March 1 given this article was written on March 1.
Thank you for update, and I agree with you, common sense is uncommon on UA, so be ready for the worst. If you think the 18 pockets is good, wait until you see Scottevest's newest item, its Quest vest with an astonishing 42 pockets. MileagePlus members received e-mails outlining the new baggage policy this week and an internal memo was sent out instructing airport staff at all steps of the check-in process to monitor for carry-on compliance.

The result is routinely that those in later boarding groups are forced to gate check their bags to their final destination. My own Travelpro bag is one inch too long even though it easily fits in the overhead bins on nearly all United aircraft wheels-first. What I hope, though, is that United employees will use discretion in enforcing the bag regulations, noting that a bag that is an inch too long will still fit lengthwise in the overhead bins or allowing a mother with three bags onboard if her child has one. Today, most have reported that United's new gate announcements include a note about the new carry-on restrictions, but that no one has been enforcing them.
Which makes sense -- they'd be crazy to try to literally enforce the rule which would cause Tumi, B&R, etc. Today, the new policy officially went into effect, but reports from travellers have been surprising: business as usual, with many passengers still hauling the kitchen sink onboard with no objection from the gate agents. In an effort to minimize this, speed up the boarding process, and prevent the occasional nasty confrontations resulting from passengers not wanting to part with their bags, United logically determined to start enforcing their own carry-on policies. The fact that it does not fit in the sizer, though, renders me liable to having to check my bag at the gate and when I travel with only one bag, I have valuables in there that I am not willing to check. With all the expense UA has put out on the new sizers and the fact that overhead space routinely fills up, it would be unfortunate if the "new" rule was just ignored. I would even encourage charging passengers a premium for checking bags at the gate rather than the current policy of checking them for free at the gate (a great way to avoid baggage fees). The rules have always said that gate-checked oversized carry-on baggage should be charged, but I have never seen it happen. Many of the major department stores as of this weekend were still offering 15 inch wide bags.

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