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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Think the original Tour De France riders had their bicycles coddled by fancy–schmancy bike racks? I Like the bike mount very much,Becuse I layed my bike down in the back of my truck for the longest time.Now after install of the CLAW ROOF MOUNT BIKE RACK it is a lot easyer. They made their own out of melted down Peugeot frames, some old soupspoons and worm–eaten planks pried off of stinky cheese crates.

Today's DIY bike rack builders have it a lot easier, thanks to the Swagman Claw Roof Mount Bike Rack.No matter where you want to park your pedal pusher, the Swagman Claw is up for the challenge. Affix six to the floorboard of your riding team's van for an inexpensive yet effective shuttle. Screw it into a 2x4 on the wall of your garage to keep your bicycles safe from sloppy parkers. Plus, it adjusts to fit skinny road forks, fatty mountain bike forks and everything in between.

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