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Just about every new SUV can be had with a roof rack, but very few of these racks actually come with cross rails. I asked our testing director, who has worked for a couple of automakers before, why they don't come standard. Installing the rails was straightforward, though the bolts have Torx security-style heads -- better hope you don't lose the included wrench. As for the pictured cooler and suitcase, they were accessories for a fuel economy test we performed earlier this week.

We haven't run the final calculations yet but I'll do an Enclave post once the story is published.
He speculated that installed cross rails create wind noise, and noise is bad for test drives and customer satisfaction.
The Enclave was one of three vehicles we used to test a variety of situations such as driving style, aerodynamics and tire pressure.
And since we were in need of a way to properly secure cargo on the roof, we had to buy cross rails from the dealer.

So automakers leave them off and get the added bonus of offering them as pricey dealer-sourced accessories.

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