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This rack is to go on my custom hardtop, but my hardtop has an XJ rack on it so this idea will work with any rack that's similar to the XJ rack. I finished up the rack basket today, all it needs now is priming the new parts and painting.
The roof is designed to support the rack - there are cross-ribs bonded into the inside of the roof that the rack bolts to. The rack bolts through the roof and the ribs, and the ribs are filled with oak plugs at the points where the bolts go through.

It is very strong, but in addition to the ribs, I have designed, but not yet built, roll-bar tie-ins that go from the roof rack bolts in the ribs down to the roll bar, these will allow much heavier loads to be supported. I have plans to use that rack to build and interior rack for storage in the back of my unlimited. Just today I painted the light mounts and the few other metal parts I made for it, and I plan to do the final assembly on Thursday. Orders placed between Friday 23rd December to Tuesday 3rd Jan will ship from Wednesday 4th.

Unique front and rear mount brackets attach using use existing windshield hinge and tail light holes.

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