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The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about.
Looks great man nice to see someone use there rack, see you at Honda day in atco NJ next year? I have an 07 Si Couple and yesterday I finally broke down and put the rear seats down and stuffed the bike in the trunk.
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I don't have the bike attachment for my rack, but at least you can get a sense of what the rack part would look like.
Roof racks are nice too, but expensive and if all you do is bike you don't really need one imo.

Something else to keep in mind, if you're only transporting one bike and you're not moving much else, you can just put the bike in the trunk with the front wheel removed.
Alright I've done plenty of searching on google and on here and haven't found any conclusive answers. Sweet, I will need this coming Summer to tow a small Uhaul thing back to Minnesota with my TV. Also, that says it's a custom for the 2007 Civic 2 door, I would assume that it will fit my 06 with my HFP kit in the rear?
Bump for more pics, I need one for my new Kayak that's still collecting dust in my backyard! You just have to make sure you tie up all the extra straps so they don't blow around everywhere.
That's what I do now since I am moving only one bike at a time and am not moving a dirty mountain bike anymore.

From what I understand Thule used to make a fit kit for the sol (#175) but was discontinued some time ago. If you get a trunk rack don't get the el cheapo's, they are not sturdy and they scratch your paint.
The only issue you might run in to is if you get a cheap one, it will scratch the paint, as already mentioned.
I drive about 20 miles to get to my bike spot and 65mph is no problem as long as you tighten the straps really good before and after you mount the bikes.
Clip it to the sides like roof racks are meant to mount, or permanately mount it to the top of the targa, which you cant remove it, but it'll prevent you from tearing up your seals and it'll be a sturdy mount.

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