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The only problem I have is with my car (2009 Pontiac Vibe) the roof top is a little uneven making the 2 racks not level to each other.
Would have given this a Perfect score, if it had longer screws so that I could put it on and off easier. On a side note, the Customer Service was exceptional through the pre-purchase, ordering, and post purchase stages. I've had some time now to get good use out of the roof rack and overall I'm fairly pleased. I got this because it looks better than most of the Roof Racks - doesn't stick out the sides like a Surfer trying to make an SUV out of a Station Wagon. This is a nice looking and well designed product, but it was very difficult to install the four bolts into the roof of a Mazda 3. 73051CommentsI cannot get the front rubber foot pads to fit the roof evenly as do the rear pads as I tighten them they pull down more at the back and lift at front. Unclear what RBXL refers to and also unclear which Ski Rack fits best with this cross bar.
109237CommentsRBXL is the name that Rola has assigned to the particular type of attachment system, the claw that grabs onto the factory siderails on your SUV. There was a delay in delivery, but this was due to a different billing and shipping address, etrailer wanted to be assured it not a fraudulant order. The roof-rack legs bolt directly to your OEM mounting points and include molded rubber pads to protect your roof from scratches and abrasions.This roof rack features a pair of black, low-profile crossbars that reduce drag and wind noise. The included bolts are quite short, so you need to push down on the rack, to thread them in, that is quite difficult as you need to push down, find the thread and screw it in at the same time. The included security star key fits but is loose, so you need to press down on it otherwise it starts to wear the bolt.

The rubber gasket fits around the roof, but doesn't go down far enough to seal the rain gutter, so there is a hole in the front and back of each foot. There is wind noise but no whistling, at 40+ kph you can hear a deep wooooo sound, but again its not loud. The plastic covers are very brittle, I broke one of the hinge mounts during the initial installation process with very little pressure, lucky its not vital and the locking mechanism and still works. The only real issue I have is that when my bike is installed, I can't lift my hatch all the way open without the spoiler hitting my bike tire.
Also the front clips that clamp onto the pillar top of door frame do not fit flat against the body as they do in the rear. Our Pilot but did not come with a factory installed rack, and we really wanted a rack that we can put on and take off depending on need. All the info I requested to make a decision for the right roof rack for my 2011 Mazda 3 5dr was amazing.
All you needed was a tape measure to even up the bars and scissors to cut the bottom wind guards. The only problem I had was the lengths, the one they marked front had to go on the back, and vise versa, because they didn't match up with the holes. I thought about putting the kayak racks on but the Wisconsin winter is soon approaching so I will have to wait until spring.
The sunroof just nearly touches the bottom of the front rack when it opens before it slides back when installed exactly where the instructions said. I ensured the bar is correctly located on the roof but its almost as though the front crossbar assembly is a bit short. The Thule Pull Top, part TH92726, that you ordered will fit on the Rola crossbars you have installed on your SUV.

But as for the rack and bike carrier, they fit perfectly and I love that they're black to match my car. Although the rack will likely function properly, there is definately a fit problem at the front. The roof rack fits my brand new Mazda2 (2014) perfectly and it doesn't make my car look cheap in anyway. This information can usually be found in your vehicle owners manual or by contacting your local dealership. One thing I was looking for in a roof rack was to have it fit in the anchor spots at the top of my roof and this one fits like a glove.
I haven't noticed any additional wind noise with them on either and they look pretty good on my car.
I do know if I have my surfboard rack cushion the sunroof won't open but I'll just leave it closed when I go to the beach. I'm extremely happy with this as I am travelling to the cottage with 2 kayaks next weekend and I'm happy I'll be able to arrive in style with this!
If anything hangs down with other accessory carriers it also will not open but another inch forward and it will all be clear.

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