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Ricardo luggage has been around since 1978 and has been producing great luggage ever since. We love how lightweight this bag is, for a non-carry on, weighing in at less than ten pounds. Ricardo luggage reviews show owners being able to fit five to seven days’ worth of clothing in this small suitcase. If you travel with hanging garments frequently, we highly suggest taking a look at garment bags. The Mar Vista garment bag has a convenient hanger hook to keep hung items secure, several inner and outer zipper pockets, as well as corner pockets to keep accessories. If you’re looking for a big bag to check, or just to travel around with in general, take a look at this rolling duffel. Ricardo luggage reviews show time and time again that the Essentials 30” is the greatest rolling duffle offered by Ricardo. Much of what Ricardo produces comes with a 10-year limited warranty which they proudly stand behind. With the ever-increasing rates of checking bags, fitting everything into one carry on makes financial sense, but the benefits of good carry-on luggage goes beyond saving money. In these Ricardo luggage reviews, we aim to assist you in your search by identifying the most popular, top quality luggage pieces that have received the best ratings by actual users. Also note that as an added benefit, all of these bags are backed by Ricardo’s 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Although we’ve chosen to look more closely at the extremely versatile 21-inch carry-on size for our review, this line also includes 29-inch, 25-inch,  and 19-inch sizes with the same convenient and innovative characteristics.
Unlike most luggage, this suitcase opens flat, creating two separate easy to pack areas, letting you get the most out of the available space. An integrated TSA approved combination lock provides added security for your belongings.   You no longer have to go hunting for that tiny lock you bought last year. In addition to the 28-inch reviewed here, the Montecito series also comes in 24 inch, 20 inch, and 16 inch so you can buy one or an entire matching set.
Considering a matching set?  You’ll be happy to know that the Ricardo Mar Vista Luggage series also has other pieces including a 28 inch large bag, a 20 inch carry-on, a 17-inch small carry-on, a 42-inch 2 wheeled garment bag, and even a darling Mar Vista 18-inch tote bag, reviewed below. And if the bright and bold purple paisley isn’t your thing, then have a look at this bag in the rich graphite color.

As with other 24-inch bags, this size is too large to carry with you on board an airplane, so be prepared to check it when flying. As of this writing it’s rumored that Ricardo may plan to discontinue the Sausalito Superlight line of luggage, so be aware that availability may soon be limited.
Simply click the on any product that interests you and My Favorites will keep track of all items on your list. Whether you’re looking for a hard-sided suitcase, or a soft-sided suitcase, Ricardo has an awesome selection and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Since you’ll be checking this bag, it’s a huge plus that it comes with a built-in TSA combination lock. No matter what color you go with the finish is very unique and comes as a pleasant change from what we’re used to with typical suitcases. There is a zippered expansion area which when utilized, will allow for even more storage space if needed. The lightweight material that comprises the bag is very durable, and is a lot more malleable than a typical suitcase is.
Instead of going through all of the sub-categories, we wanted to highlight just one more favorite of ours, the Mar Vista messenger bag. Generally speaking this bag is very well liked by all who have reviewed it on various places around the Internet. Traveling with just a carry-on is easier to manage, your luggage never gets damage or lost, and to be honest, no matter how much I pack, I seem to have a few favorite go-to outfits that become my travel staples, the rest of the stuff I lugged around just takes up space. The soft handles on the top and side of the case are comfortable and easy to grab from an overhead bin, or off the conveyor if checked. One side of the luggage can be used for hanging clothes, with a hook for a hanger, elastic positioner, and separate zip area.
Sometimes called “Ricardo Beverly Hills” Ricardo luggage was featured in a National Geographic book “10 Best of Everything” an ultimate traveler’s guide.
With any hard-sided suitcase, you’re bound to experience some scuffs or scratches here and there, but the overall protection and durability is vastly more important. It is insanely light-weight at less than six pounds, and with the spinner wheels, this bag is incredibly easy to carry and maneuver.
The Montecito carry on gets a 91% recommendation on eBags and averages 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

If you want to put shoes in you can expect to fit 2-4 outfits depending on the size of the clothing and shoes.
A lot of people like rolling duffles because of the 2 large end pockets, which can easily be used to keep soiled clothing, or shoes, separate from the clean clothes on the inside. Some reviewers have noted that the pictures make the bag look slightly larger than it actually is. It comes with a 10-year warranty, so you know the people at Ricardo have built their luggage with longevity in mind. It has an TSA approved lock, which is especially nice when you have the hotel hold your bags for an early arrival, or have to check out before you’re done exploring the area. There’s a small convenient pouch for things that you want to keep separate, as well as other zippered pouch to help keep your items organized.
If you’re sick of opening your luggage only to find wrinkled clothes, you should give this Ricardo garment bag a shot. Those owners are quick to tell you that although the material is thin, it is still holding strong after many travels – so don’t worry if you have the same initial thoughts. Although some find it small, everyone agrees that the Mar Vista can hold a surprising amount of items. You can get the Roxbury in purple, maroon, or silver, making it easy to spot on in the baggage claim.
There’s a pull-out strap to secure another bag to make toting your laptop case or purse along on top easier and more secure.
Not only is this the best bag that Ricardo has to offer, but for being under $200, is an excellent value as well.
If you want a big, tough, rugged piece of luggage under $150 that will last a long time, go with the Ricardo Essentials wheeled duffel.
Unzip the gusset for the case to expand for more space – perfect for those extra gifts you picked up on your trip.

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