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All this to say, this is not just any bag review of some bag I saw that I thought might be cool to try.
Booq is a small company that seems to aim their products at Mac users without exactly excluding others. Due to my laptop dying on me, it’s taken me longer to finish this review than I had intended, which is good because I have had more time to truly live with the bag.
The two slash pockets on the front are so thin, small, and strangely shaped, I’m not sure what is intended to go in them.
I’m not a photographer, so I really had no use for the case, but I thought it might be fun to play with the provided partitions and use it to hold other goodies of an electronic nature. At any rate, the case would definitely be useful to bring along in more casual situations where I would not need to carry a binder.
Anyway, I am sitting here after a student matinee, waiting for a package to be delivered by UPS to the Acting Company office.
So I did some research, and I have decided this Booq bag fits my requirements, although I have some fears — I think it may be too nice. According to my statistics, probably the most popular post ever on my blog is the review I did of my BBP bag (which I decided I kind of hate, and never use, incidentally).
For this tour I’m now on, I decided I needed a snazzy new piece of luggage that I could lug around for six months, that would be bigger than the small suitcase I use for summer stock, but small enough that I can still get around with it easily.
The upper compartment has two pouches on the back edge, like many suitcases have, to stick whatever it is you stick in those (toiletries mostly, I guess, though I travel with a separate toiletries bag since we don’t stay in a hotel every night). UPDATE: After a recent string of nights spent sleeping on the bus, I had gotten to the point where most of my clothes were dirty.
On the back side of the bag is a little window for your name and address, with a cover that velcros down over it.

The wheels, as I said, match the color of the bag and are similar to the narrow variety used in Razer Scooters and inline skates.
One final observation: when I was shopping for this bag I read some reviews saying that it started to fall apart quickly. TEASER: Just this morning, while acting a fool underneath our truck trailer, I got copious amounts of grease on my main backpack, which I fear will be coming off on my hands and anything else it touches from now until the end of time. The thing that makes this bag unique (and maybe a little frightening) is that you can wear it like a messenger bag over one shoulder, or like a backpack by converting the strap so that it attaches to the middle of the bag and over both shoulders. My first reaction to trying the straps is that it is indeed quite comfortable to wear the bag backpack-style. Once I started using it on a day-to-day basis, I discovered a system that seemed to work well. One of the things I found appealing about this bag that I now look for in all my bags is that the interior should be a bright color so you can find stuff in it.
About once a year it seems I find myself walking 20 blocks or more in a torrential downpour.
My overall verdict is that while my test was probably more severe than I would encounter in the real world, if I were ever caught in a real rainstorm with this bag and anything water-sensitive in it, my first priority would be to get the hell out of the rain. I think it will almost completely replace my usual messenger bag, the Timbuk2 Commute, which is also a great bag (and waterproof), and it should fix the main complaint I have about the Timbuk2, that it’s too small to hold much besides my laptop and script and a few accessories. Extra D-rings on the outside of the flap and on the straps for clipping… whatever onto them. The open pocket on the back has a zipper at the bottom which opens it up to be put over the handle on a rolling suitcase.
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Choose from our wide selection of backpacks, bags, briefcases, evening bags, handbags, luggage, travel accessories & umbrellas. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Even with all the interior pockets empty, the case has to be forced just to get through the opening of the bag. For an overnight trip, for instance, there would be just enough room left in the bag for some clothes and other small items. All I had in it was my laptop and the accessories I permanently carry (which is a lot of stuff). These don’t close, and when the bag is flipped open, due to its flexible nature, I find the pouches sometimes bend over and the contents spill out into the rest of the bag. A 100% Canadian owned company, our everyday low prices on bags & travel goods are what we pride ourselves on. While experimenting with this, I discovered that my printer (Canon i70) does indeed fit sideways in the bag, just barely, which helps justify using the camera case in certain situations.
While it is much more rigid than a normal backpack, it can still be squeezed into a smaller footprint if need be. Louis, I have been thinking seriously about replacing it (that and the fact that the plate that holds the shoulder strap pivots was already cracking and will no doubt one day come completely apart). It’s big, padded, and strong enough to really be used to drag the bag around with a lot of heavy stuff in it.

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