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As I have mentioned before I do love it when the doorbell rings and a magical mystery parcel awaits. The contents included a Norwegian flag, Norwegian chocolate bar, a jar of Norwegian raspberry jam, a jar of Norwegian liquorice sweets, a pair of collapsible sunglasses, a couple of Disney Cruise Line keyrings and a cuddly Minnie Mouse in her cruise-wear.
My one year old son has a thing for sucking on his teddies at the moment and Minnie’s nose was his first port of call. Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic is heading to Dover this summer and will be sailing two no-fly cruises to the Baltic region in July. Next year Disney Magic will be sailing a seven-night no-fly Norwegian Fjords cruise from Dover, the cruise line’s first-ever British Isles cruise itinerary from Dover and a couple of Norway and Iceland itineraries that will require a flight at one end of the voyage (flying either to or from Copenhagen and cruising from or to Dover respectively). Disney Cruise Line is a great choice for family cruise holidays and hopefully we will get a chance to try them out first-hand soon.
About Disney Cruise LineDisney Cruise Line operates four mid-sized cruise ships devoted to all things Mickey Mouse. For people who want to stay in style even when they are traveling, there simply is no better option than replica Louis Vuitton luggage!
Replica Louis Vuitton luggage is a stylish fashion statement and the monogram canvas pieces from Louis Vuitton are the top choices for traveling. Some celebrities even took it to the next level and started sporting super-expensive personalized Louis Vuitton monogram luggage. I don’t know about that, sometimes too much is too much but I still agree that Louis Vuitton replica luggage bags are the best traveling companions you could have. If you’re driving (or flying) home for Christmas or you’re planning a holiday getaway, you are sure to find some inspiration here! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite male and female celebrities and see what pieces they choose to sport when they are traveling. Do you need any more reasons to go right now and get your own replica Louis Vuitton luggage bag?

I’ve said it many times, if you’re planning to get advantage of the best Black Friday offers, you have to get yourself a few Louis Vuitton replica bags. Today I was looking for some knockoff Louis Vuitton purses and I must say I am really impressed with what I’ve found. Whether we talk about LV replica bags or genuine pieces, the Monogram canvas is the most popular pattern we’ll meet. Even though there are so many LV replica bags made of Monogram Canvas, each and every one of them has its unique features and personality. I was thinking about a way to mix two of my favorite things in a single post and then it hit me: LV replica bags in pretty pastel colors! A great thing about Louis Vuitton replica handbags is that there are so many models, textures and colors to choose from!
For true LV enthusiasts and unique bag collectors, this knockoff Louis Vuitton Camera Messenger Bag is definitely a must-have. The new replica Louis Vuitton small leather goods that are part of the Tribal Mask Collection are fun, unique and playful, but still tasteful, as you would expect from the brand.
When Disney Cruise Line said they would pop something in the post I expected it to be a copy of a brochure.
On popping the latches and creaking open the wooden replica suitcase it transpired this was a Norwegian-themed gift hamper!
As a Bertie Bassett fan I wasn’t sure how the Norwegian liquorice would compare but they get a big thumbs up from me. If they can make a press release this exciting imagine what they can do with a cruise holiday! Celebrities have proven this over the years and confirmed what we already knew: you can never have too much LV in your life! It is absolutely obvious that stars favor the monogram canvas Keepall and the Pegase rolling suitcases as their go-to designer carry-ons, but there are other LV travel items that deserve our attention too.

But no matter how famous and rich they are, both notorious movie stars or less well known public figures need to. These handbags are the definition of luxury and you cannot call yourself a true bag lover if you don’t own a few.
It’s not only one of the newest, but it has also occupied an important place in my favorite handbags list. For me, looking on the internet for the latest bags is a daily thing, but a couple of days ago I was actually looking for my next purchase. They are perfect for spring and summer and since LV offers plenty of different styles, you have all the options you. The bag that was originally created by visual artist Cindy Sherman is now available in replica versions that are just as stunning! If you want to add something completely different to your collection and mix up your wardrobe a bit, then. I live and breathe cruise news so I find them more interesting than most but this one took the idea of the humble press release to a whole new level, thanks to a bit of Disney magic.
On closer inspection the suitcase was covered with stickers from around the European and Baltic destinations Disney Cruise Line will be sailing to in 2016 – Dover (England), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Kristiansand (Norway), Kirkwall (Scotland), Warnemunde (Germany), St Petersburg (Russia), Akureyri (Iceland), Tallinn (Estonia), Stravenger (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Villefranche (France), Civitavecchia (Rome), Lisbon (Portugal), Gibraltar, La Spezia (Italy), Vigo (Spain), Naples (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain).
But since we’re talking about LV, you can also expect them to be extremely practical and functional like no other luggage bags! So whatever Louis Vuitton replica travel bag you choose, you can be sure that people are going to notice it and you’re going to feel like a star! And as we all know, Louis Vuitton has begun his career by manufacturing high quality traveling bags.

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