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Whether this is your tenth handmade purse or your first, these quilted and patchwork bags are sure to give you some inspiration and ideas for your next project! For her Striped Drawstring Bag Tutorial, Jeni of In Color Order shares how to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal stripes on the main panel of this handy drawstring bag. The Teacher’s Pet bag pattern by Sue of Sweet Jane’s is made from just one charm pack, and is a great way to showcase coordinating prints. Sarah of Fairy Face Designs made this gorgeous patchwork messenger bag and wonky-star zipper pouch for a swap.
Sara of Sew Sweetness shares her market bag, which was sewn from two New York Beauty quilt blocks on either side of the purse. A quilted bag designed by Clover & Violet, the Louisa bag features patchwork in the shape of subway tiles on the front and back panels, as well as side gussets that can be tied or let out depending on how much you need to stuff inside your purse.
Ashley of Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night shares an improvisational patchwork weekender bag with clever details, like a bottom panel made from oilcloth, which allows the bag to be easily cleaned. If you prefer to start on a smaller-scale patchwork bag, this patchwork clutch sewn by Tara Rebman is a great one to choose. How can I buy a bag from you with out a credit card I usually make money orders, tell me where to send and how much. July 19 By Fine Craft Guild 5 Comments Ever since I saw this Coach patchwork bag with matching wallet in person, I have actually started liking patchwork hand bags. Before I associated patchwork bags with ‘grandma-craft’ and consider them to be ‘not my style’.
In essence, patchwork is sewing a bunch of matching fabrics together in a simple or complicated pattern to make a new fabric out of which to make blankets, placemats, pillows, and of course, bags.
If you choose to make this bag reversible, cut an additional 27 5” fabric squares of contrasting colors & patterns for the inside of the bag.

As the fabric pattern of each square is a bit different, Take the pieces of fabric and lay them out in the way that  you want.
Once all are pinned together and in pattern you have planned, start sewing all the pieces together, doing a side at a time: the 9 of the front, 3 for the left side, the 9 of the back, etc. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. In particular, quilted bags are great because the layers of batting or base fabric give them a bit more structure. This is a great patchwork bag for beginners to make, since it’s small and doesn’t require any purse hardware.
She used all solid fabrics, quilting the messenger bag flap with straight lines and hand stitching around the patchwork star.
She added binding to join the blocks to the side panels, sewing in a bit of elastic on the sides of the purse to give it more shape.
Patchwork bags like this one are great for showing off fabric prints from a collection, or even using up large scraps from your stash.
Choosing bright fabrics and a novelty print featuring matryoshka dolls, Ashley was inspired by the quilted weekender bag by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! It’s one of the projects you can learn to make in her new Crafty class, Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags. A few of the patterns are available as free downloads, and a few for sale…check out the links in each description.
While that concept is easy to get your mind around, it is moderately difficult to actually make a patchwork bag such as this, as it does require concentration, measuring skills and a bit of a sewing ability.
To achieve those ragged edges, sew all layers with their seam allowances folded outwards and showing, instead of tucked inside (folded towards the batting and thus hidden).

If you wish to make 2 smaller pockets out of a 5” square, sew it vertically in the middle of the square, which will divide the pocket into 2 small, deep pockets. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. But if you’d like, you can also sew a simple patchwork bag without the extra step of quilting. Hand quilting is a great option for finishing small patchwork bags that don’t require heavy or detailed quilting. Elizabeth’s bag sparked a quilt-as-you-go weekender revolution that has been trending across sewing blogs since she designed her version last fall.
You’ll learn that patchwork bags don’t have to be intimidating as your work your way through a few warm-up projects and learn how to make intermediate and advanced quilted bags with zippers, purse hardware and more! The Messenger Bag and the New York Beauty bag are not patterns, but can serve as good design inspiration! In fact, I am considering to make my own handmade designer patchwork bag, which is why I put this tutorial aka complete bag making overview together. Then, when you reverse the bag to the other side, it transforms into a shabby chic “rag” patchwork design that I prefer. Alternatively, fold the fabric over, stitch it close to the edge along the handle and add trimming along the length of the handle for extra strength and contrast.

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