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Discover how to properly load a kayak, canoe, or a standup paddleboard on top of your ride.
For large craft, lift either the bow or stern until it rests on one of the extensions or canoe rollers.
With one end supported, lift the opposite end and either slide or roll the boat into its cradle. From kraken-sized kayaks to ponderous paddleboards, these techniques let you to load your toys without breaking anything, including yourself.

Either simplifying or complicating the process, the style of the rack dictates whether the watercraft loads from the front or the side of your vehicle.
With the help of racks like the Inno Racks Dual Kayak Rack and the Yakima LandShark Kayak Rack, your boats stay protected for the trip home. The mood changes swiftly when the fun comes to an end and you are left with a daunting dingy to lift onto your J-style kayak carrier. Products like the Rhino-Rack T-Loader load from the rear while the Thule Racks Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier loads from the side of the car.

Not if you combine the magic of leverage with these simple kayak loading tips to get your boat where it belongs.

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