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Hilton are running a few good promotions at the moment, you can book any weekend anywhere with up to 33% off. If you want LIFETIME access to fancy airport lounges, with free WiFi, Drinks, Food, Entertainment and comfy seats, for you and 1 guest! An Amazing fare from Qatar Airways, with a business class promotion of buy one get one free!
Find great holiday deals, with cheap flights, last minute holiday discounts and travel tips. Luxury is the ultimate thing what you will buy by buying the tickets of Thai Royal First Class A380 flight.
After taking a ride on Jet blue Mint Class, one will have to say that the ride was fantastic.
I think that there is no privacy concerned between two adjacent seats in the first class even in general.
There is a tag line written on the airplane outer portion which is “FROM ABU DHABI TO THE WORLD”. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. But you get 30 kg for free even in cheapest economy, when most other airlines only offer 20 kg.
I did fly with Qatar airways to Singapore, Doha, New York, and I'm telling you to not bring an extra baggage (they are very strict). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged luggage qatar-airways or ask your own question.
Is changing your passport a good strategy for removing a pejorative immigration history in Schengen?
These days, passengers on short flights are satisfied if they get so much as a free bag of pretzels. Fortunately, there are a handful of carriers that still inject some enjoyment into commercial airplane travel. Thanks to all our Twitter followers and Facebook fans who helped with this post by sharing with us their opinions on which airline they thought should be named the world’s coolest. In ways large and small, Virgin Atlantic offers the most hip and happenin’ scene in the sky. While Virgin Atlantic (above) is cool in a cheeky and hip sort of way, Singapore Airlines is at the opposite spectrum of cool — elegant and sophisticated. The best economy class food, the best economy class service and the most economy class legroom of any airline.
Singapore Airlines often has some great sales but their regular fares are on the expensive side. Some of the cool factor trickles down to the lowly fliers in economy class — Emirates has the best in-flight entertainment system regardless of what seat you’re in. Emirates is not part of a major alliance, but their Skywards program partners with a handful of airlines including Qantas, Jet Blue and JAL.
Though you can earn and redeem miles on several other airlines, Qatar is not part of any alliance — your frequent flier status won’t transfer. LV Air, a new Las Vegas based airline that will supposedly launch sometime in 2013, promises a luxurious — and unusual — in-air experience. Every Bangkok Airways passenger gets use of the airline’s lounges at every airport they fly out of — no Priority Pass card or business class ticket required. Most flights are from their hub in Bangkok (go figure) to destinations in Thailand and around Southeast Asia.
Low fares, generous legroom, free airport shuttle bus service from downtown and complimentary on-board Jackson Triggs wine and Steam Whistle beer. Eastern Canada and northeast USA with a hub at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport, which is significantly closer to downtown than YYZ. The Elevate program is decent, but with no other airline partners it’s hard to earn enough miles for free flights.
Super cheap fares, including to a few destinations like Windhoek, Namibia that are expensive on seemingly every other airline.
Once you get beyond the superlative humor and cheap fares, Kulula’s service levels, perks and on-time departure record is indistinguishable from your average no-frills airline. A handful of domestic routes around South Africa and regional international routes from Kulula’s Johannesburg hub.
There’s not really a Kulula frequent flier program, but members of a OneWorld program can earn miles on British Airways cobranded flights booked through the Kulula website. Etihad Airways has a high-end Diamond class similar to that offered by Emirates (see above).
Norweigan offers free wifi on select flights> (Free wifi is a sure way to win Spot Cool Stuff’s heart). Turkish Airlines has a premium economy service that rivals Virgin Atlantic’s (see above) and some of the best airline food around.
SPOTCOOLSTUFF Travel reviews unusual hotels and restaurants, great attractions, cool travel gear, places with amazing views and all manner of travel destinations with a WOW!

The head of Qatar Airways criticised Boeing and Canada's Bombardier over problems with plane developments on Thursday and threatened to shift extra business to European group Airbus. Development of the carbon-composite 787 is running around three years late and analysts expect a further delay as Boeing addresses the cause of the fire which led to the test flight being grounded.
He said Qatar Airways had been notified of some delays to 787 deliveries but declined to say whether this before or after the test flight incident two weeks ago. Al Baker said he was considering increasing the airline's order for five Airbus A380 superjumbo planes and might order a re-engined version of the A320 single-aisle jetliner, which he expected to be launched by the end of this year. Qatar Airways has not chosen engines for the 500-seat plane and its decision will not be affected by the recent blowout of a Rolls-Royce engine on a Qantas A380, he said. He said he doubted Airbus's next plane, the mid-sized A350, for which Qatar is the biggest customer, would be delayed as much as a year, as suggested by Emirates airline on Wednesday. The possible upgrade of the medium-haul A320 is designed to compete with Bombardier's new C-Series. Qatar was expected to buy C-Series jets at the Farnborough air show in July but plans were scrapped amid what Bombardier described as disagreements between Qatar Airways and the engine maker. Visiting France to mark the opening of flights to Nice, Al Baker also hit back at European carriers in a growing trade war between airlines over US and European export credits and rejected accusations that his airline was subsidised.
Making the hands into a tunnel - creating a pinhole to look through - magically gives clearer vision. If you aren't at that point in life where a private jet is affordable, some airlines are increasingly trying to give you the next best thing.
Airline travel is one of the most conspicuous ways of illustrating the alarming gap between the rich and poor in the United States, which is at some of the widest levels since the 1920s, according to the Associated Press. As well as your standard wide-screen TVs and seats that fold out into beds, Mayerowitz reports that Dubai’s airport has separate floors for the haves and have-nots.
As well as the material perks, the super rich also get the luxury of bypassing the most hellish aspects of travel.
But there is, of course, a price tag attached, and airlines have come up with strategies to up the cost even more.
Now that the entertainer seems to have wrapped up the Republican nomination, who will he choose as his running mate? In the latest fight over whether detaining migrant children is illegal, a Texas judge has blocked the state from issuing a child-care license to an immigration detention center.
The apparent whistleblower behind the leaks that targeted offshore accounts spoke out on Friday. The African nation, which uses the American currency among others, ran out of physical cash.
The Good Wife, which ends its seven-season run on Sunday, made use of its costumes in a way few shows have—giving them things to say about feminism and class and the complex interplay between the two.
As a young girl in a new country, I looked to the leader of the Autobots for lessons in fitting in. Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party’s mayoral candidate, is poised to defeat Zac Goldsmith, a Conservative.
Stuffed to overflowing with superheroes, the studio’s latest nonetheless understands that character is key. A Russian orchestra performed a concert in the Syrian city that was recaptured from the Islamic State in late March.
Enjoy the perks of business class with lounge access, premium seats and food on board the Qatar Airlines 5 Star Flight to Manila, Philippines. I have gone through many reviews; all of them said that the overall review is really undoubtedly good.
The Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Frankfurt- JFK is grabbing the whole attention nowadays. Any bags weighing more than 32kg (70lb) must be broken down such that each piece weighs less than 32kg (70lb). It would seem that from Europe to Australia, the price per kilogram of excess luggage is 55USD if bought online and 70USD if bought in person (either ticket counter or check-in).
Your suitcase for check in should not exceed 20 kilo, and the handbag should not exceed more that 10 kilo (30 overall). In this post we feature the 10 airlines with superlative cool-factor — 5 global airlines, 4 regional airlines and some possibilities for which airline could land the 10th spot (since we couldn’t decide on one). Note that most of their short haul routes are really operated by their partner airline, SilkAir. If we could have one free ticket on any airline, in any class and on any airplane, we’d choose that.
Those lucky few first class passengers with extra time in Qatar get use of the single greatest airport lounge anywhere: private rooms, high tea and a world-class spa.
Several airlines have cool touches in first class, but Air New Zealand brings innovation in economy class too. Their most famous video features flight attendants wearing nothing but body paint (see it, below), but for pure comic value we’re partial to the Richard Simmons exercise version.
We quite like the Porter cabins — they are roomier and quieter than your typical turboprop — many fliers understandably prefer flying in jets.

But what about an entertainment system that also lets you order food and drinks from your seat, choose from 25 movies, send instant messages to other passengers and purchase credits to help offset your flight’s carbon footprint? I never expected a programme could be delayed so much with a company like Boeing, which has pride in its quality. Al Baker later confirmed that his concerns related to the aircraft's engines, produced by United Technologies unit Pratt & Whitney. As Scott Mayerowitz reports at the Associated Press, money can now buy the greatest airline perk of them all: extra space between you and the paupers crammed into coach.
Premium passengers are granted direct access to the top floor of Emirates double-decker Airbus A380s, which apparently have enough room for passengers to comfortably play their saxophones. American and United Airlines have private rooms in New York and Chicago terminals where passengers can exit through hidden doors, right to the front of security lines. Some carriers have upgraded their international business class sections to bring them up to par with first-class sections, leaving very little difference between the two. Labour fared poorly in Scotland and Wales, but did better than expected in council races in England. For only 574 Euros per person, this is a great way to travel in style. Book soon, this deal wont last long at this price! If you are not already a OneWorld member, it is worth joining just to collect these airmiles for benefits like extra luggage and lounge access (with all the OneWorld airlines, including BA and AA) .
To make the list, they took into account everything from seat configuration, aisle access and suite privacy to the type of champagne served, whether pyjamas were provided and how caviar was plated. Cleanliness, hygiene, classy look are not only the features of these suits but they are very very comfortable.
The flight serves a well known spa facility for Royal Orchid Spa for the first class passengers. See their term and conditions for the business class or first class as they have additional benefits for them. Factors we considered in making our selections included quality of service, selection of amenities, cabin ambiance, frequent flier benefits and the overall travel experience an airline provides. Not incidentally, Virgin Atlantic’s off-shoot airlines — Virgin America (see below) and Virgin Australia — are super cool too. Skycouch features flip-up cushions that fill the space between the end of your seat and the start of the next row.
Also cool: the OneUp program, which allows international passengers to bid for an upgrade a week before departure.
First Suite class passengers get to watch their movies on the largest personal screens in the sky — 32 inches!
Among that stiff competition, IndiGo stands out for the (relatively) excellent quality of their food, for their level of service and for their cheery, if slightly cramped, cabin design.
Those passengers can have their mesclun salad with the option of king crab or USDA prime beef tenderloin, instead of the classic unidentifiable meat and rice reheated in a foil tray. Economy passengers wait in the bowels of the terminal to board the plane’s lower deck. The Lufthansa first-class terminal in Frankfurt has its own immigration officers, and Heathrow’s private suites also allow passengers to breeze through immigration and security. Others have halved the number of first-class seats, making the experience both more intimate and expensive: a roundtrip Cathay Pacific flight between New York and Hong Kong cost $1,600 for coach, $7,600 in business class and $19,000 in first class. BUT if you choose to sign up with a little known StarAlliance airline Aegean Air, you can gain Gold status with one flight! Once you will travel on them you will find that no journey is as comfortable and luxurious as this one before. The attendants greet the passengers individually by their names which is a unique way indeed. Why, when other airlines only charge ?65 per extra bag (British Airways) do an airline such as Qatar not offer a similar service, but charge per Kilo. Inside that cocoon of luxury you’ll find a mini-bar, complimentary pajamas, ambient lighting, 600 hours of on-demand entertainment on a 23-inch widescreen LCD and a comfy seat that electronically folds down into a full-length bed.
I am flying in 3 months so I have no idea how many kilos exactly I would need and to just pay for an additional bag seems so much more simple.
Those who have already gone there said the welcome champagne form Dom Perignon 2004 was a great welcome drink. The flight has a separate liquor area which is well furnished with assorted wines and other alcohols.
The chef himself comes to the passengers to add his notes while the passenger is choosing a dish from the menu given. Fly ONCE every 3 years on ANY Star Alliance flight for as little as $20LIFETIME GOLD STATUS :)With a trip to South America or Asia, you could earn Gold Star Alliance status with 1 flight!
Inside the suite you will not get bored as the authority has planned a lot of entertainment options for you before you enter to it.

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