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November 11, 2011 by Bob Diercksmeier 16 Comments A while back I posted my review of the Nike Departure Backpack, and since then I’ve added a few more pieces from the Departure line to my luggage collection. The Departure Roller features three main interior compartments, two on one side of the bag and one on the other.
This bag is the perfect size to fit 2-3 days worth of clothes and accessories for a short trip (maybe even 4 days if you pack efficiently). I’ve used the Departure Roller on at least 6 trips in the last 8 months, and it still looks like new, with only a few scuffs here and there. I’m a huge fan of the Nike Departure line of luggage, and of the Departure Roller in particular.
Note: I’ll be reviewing the Departure Shoe Tote, and hopefully the new Departure Messenger bag here on the blog in the near future. I just came back from a 4-day trip and the bag was big enough to accommodate all my clothes easily. My experience has been this — I have flown several times with this bag and have had no problem with it fitting in the overhead bin placing it in wheels first (with short dimension across). This has been my experience, hope this helps, please let us know if your experience is any different.
I flew regional CityJet from London to Paris, and it was an older plane (think planes that still had a little compartment to ash your CIGARETTE–so that tells you how old the plane was) they said the bag would be too big for the overhead, which they were true. Then from Paris to Rome, flying AirFrance, they have those things that you can see if your bag is too big or not, and it fit n perfect.
To think I was hesistant in purchasing it not knowing if it would be too big to use as carry on, but thanks to your page..

The Nike Departure Bag is a travel-ready design, made ofdurable nylon and polyester, its compact and lightweight.
An individual who has purchased the reviewed item from our company and submitted their review using a process that verifies purchase history.
The full manufacturer's warranty from Nike is only valid when the Nike Departure Roller Upright Carry-On TG0129 is purchased from an Internet Authorized Dealer. One of these is the Nike Departure Roller, a carry-on size case that is now part of my standard traveling ensemble. This is now the case I use for all trips — I use it in combination with my Departure Backpack, and between the two I can fit all I need for my trip. Two pockets that are accessible from the outside make it easy to put away items while going through security at the airport. I really like that one of the pockets opens up from both inside and outside, which makes going through security so much quicker and easier then even before.
They look great, and they’ll be a big help to our readers in the future who are wondering if the roller will fit in the overhead bin. I used all subways while in London, Paris, Rome, and NYC so those roller wheels were everywhere. We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer's best price on the Nike Departure Roller Upright Carry-On TG0129. On a plane the roller fits perfectly in the overhead compartment, and the backpack fits easily under the seat in front of me, so I have everything I need at arms reach. Top and side heavy duty reinforced nylon handles, and a molded plastic handle at the bottom make handling the case and putting it in the overhead bin on the airplane a cinch (it’s also the perfect size to fit in the overhead bin straight in, not sideways).

If you are looking for a new carry-on bag to take on your next adventure, I highly recommend checking out the Departure Roller. I was flying Delta last time and the bag almost did not fit their bin (I could have not got it out of the bin). I think the comment above might be talking about the test bin at the gate (?), as Daniel says he had no problem with it fitting in the actual overhead compartment (on the plane itself). Thanks also for taking pics, no rush on the link, just enjoy your trip and if you get a chance to post those when you get back I can add them to the post above. Hope you’re still enjoying your trip, or if you’re back home that you had a good time!
The case rolls easily, and I can also put the backpack on top of the case resting on the handle and roll both together, a great feature. The telescoping handle and being able to put my Departure Backpack on top of the case so I can roll both together is very handy also. The bag is compact and lightweight with a number of specialized compartments for convenient organization.
The outside of the case also has a roomy pocket that’s the perfect place for a sweater or light jacket.

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