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March 8, 2012 by Alan Numsuwan 4 Comments When NGN Bob received a new custom Nike Golf staff bag this week, I got inspired to share some more bag information with you.
The Japan Domestic Market (JDM) ones are SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET…we need Nike Golf to send those our way to the STATES! June 30, 2010 by Alan Numsuwan 2 Comments The Inspire Cink bag contest is currently underway and what better time to write a post about Nike Golf bags than now? Not only does this bag stand out because of its all heavy white colorway, but it is one of the sleekest looking bags I have ever seen.
The all black look of this bag is really intimidating and the same pattern used on the Zoom Elite II shoe is accented on this bag.

These bags pay homage to the original Nike logo and come in bold colorways but never depart from the feature and functionality that Nike Golf is known for. Also inspired by NGN fan Jeffrey Moon, who tweeted us a picture of his official Nike Golf Japan Staff Bag. However there is a huge trend in the way products are produced and then released to the american market. If I could add some color here…Nike Golf Japan and Nike Golf US, as I understand it, operate separately but have consistent global themes. Great use of colors, just the right touches of red and white and a really cool glow effect to the swoosh.

I think the big nike logo on the side of the bag looks like it doesn’t flow as nicely as the rest of the bag.
I always want to know what my fav brand is up to and want to have some of the hottest and unique items the company has to offer and I continue to be disapointed because some of the most aought after items are reserved for the foreign markets. Like you, I hope that there can be foreign items that can be made available here, and certain sites do offer them like Tour Spec and Pro Golf Japan, but from my experience, the quality of some of the U.S.

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