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The Miche Black Friday Sale will begin on Friday November 27th at 11am EST (8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST) . Prices, sales and availability are subject to change, be sure to also see my full Miche Bag website for everything else that Miche has to offer!
About MeI love me a Miche bag!  Before I became a Miche Representative, I would keep a purse for years.
I am located in the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati Area shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

The Miche Cyber Monday Sale will begin on Monday November 30th at 11am EST (8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST) and will have savings up to 70%!
I always wished that I could change purses with the season or for the occasion, but it was such a hassle to switch everything over.
Contact me today about hosting a Miche party, becoming a Miche Representative, or simply shop my Miche Bag site now. Be sure to subscribe to my Miche newsletter so you will be the first to know about Miche sales and promotions.

See the Sneak Peek below and be sure to also check out the Miche Black Friday 2015 deals also!
See the Sneak Peek below and be sure to also check out the Miche Cyber Monday 2015 deals also!

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