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Genuine Mazda 3 Hatchback Roof Rack Crossbars.Sleek and aerodynamically designed, this durable, removable, locking Roof Rack is a convenient way to increase cargo capacity.
For this application Thule recommends the 43 inch long AeroBlade bars you can use bars that are longer if you need to carry more, but keep in mind the general rule of thumb is not to exceed the width of your side view mirrors. I recently bought a 2015 Subaru Forester and wanted to add a trailer hitch for my bike carrier and cross bars for the roof. AeroBlade Crossbars and Rapid Aero feet were exactly as advertised and arrived in great condition. The bars, empty, are noisier at 50mph than I had expected, though it's easy to get used to. What makes the difference is the great customer service,good price and lightning fast delivery from etrailer.
Great service on the phone to find the correct accessories, quick delivery and the racks work perfect. Easy to mount needed this to mount electric bike to roof because of additional weight of bike. The cross bars are good, and hold everything snug, but don't seem as sturdy as the square tube bars. The biggest downside is that makes it more time consuming to remove and put the bars back on.
The 60 inch Thule AeroBlades, or as I like to call them - The Adventure Makers - have been a great addition to my 2012 4Runner. The only thing to keep in mind when buying these, and I knew this ahead of time, is that the bars have an odd "tear drop" shape to make them aerodynamic which makes attaching other accessories difficult. The roof rack selection table below is split in to sedan and hatchback vehicle varieties and it is also important to select the correct date of manufacture for your car. Many of the roof racks for a Mazda 3 are held in stock but a few varieties may need to be ordered. Before fitting the racks give the area around the mountings holes a wash down so that the area has no traces of grit that may cause the roof rack to scratch. Roof racks for Mazda 3 (up until 2014) simply screw into the mounting holes provided in the roof. This durable, all-purpose, permanent-mount Roof Rack is a convenient way to increase cargo capacity.
Great price and quick shipping, definitely recommend for those looking for a roof rack for their Mazda. The low-profile, arced shape of the bars couples with the unique WindDiffuser stripping to produce a bar that is so quiet you'll forget you even have a rack on your car. Now that we have our AeroBlade roof rack installed we are ready to take it out for a test drive. Will thiss: Thule AeroBlade Load Bars - Aluminum - 47 fit into the rails that came with the vehicle?
They don't stay on all of the time, just when I need to move items that don't fit into the car.
On my old Thule system the feet connected permanently to the roof rail, and the top part of each foot snapped into place, making it super easy and quick to remove and reattach the bars. My family enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking and skiing. All Mazda 3s up to 2015 conveniently come with a simple mounting screw hidden beneath 4 small covers in the roof.

This can be found stamped on a plate usually in the engine bay but sometimes in a front door jamb or on rare occasions the boot floor. This is often overnight but generally a couple of days is all that is needed to get bars in. The orders arrive complete and in a timely manner.I installed a roof rack and mud flaps on my CX9. Many factory and aftermarket roof racks produce an annoying whistle that can only be quelled by adding a fairing to your system.
Then we will make sure we have them set at the same spot on either side of the vehicle so that the bars are running perpendicular to our factory raised side rails. Combined with the Thule Roof Mounted Railing Foot Pack - TH450R, I found it fairly difficult to get the bars centered on the roof (Subaru Imprezza) properly. Before attempting to fit the roof racks we recommend giving each thread a squirt of WD40 or similar and run one of the screws provided down each hole to ensure the thread is clean and the rack can be attached without binding. The instructions were very easy to follow."I highly recommend this company to Mazda owners. This kit comes with two new roof moldings that will have to be replaced for the install of the rack. Thule also includes rubber stripping to fill in the gap and help keep noise down on the underside of the cross bar. You can check the fit instructions to figure out where you need to get the measurement slider to get the foot in the correct position.
It also gets everything out of the car so we are not constantly climbing over and digging through stuff. For more details about a particular style of roof rack just click on the small roof rack image shown. Stripping one of these threads would be a real headache to fix up so it is worth the couple of minutes to check they are all good before you start. When no accessories are mounted, the included WindDiffuser rubber stripping covers the slot. It also managed to decrease the drag force by 55 when compared to the Thule Rapid Aero cross bar.
The Rapid Crossroad feet use a rubber coated steel band that wraps around our factory side rails.
If you're comfortable with hand tools, particularly Allen wrenches, you should be good to go on the install.
It took a lot of fiddling to get right, and because of the design it will take a lot of fiddling every time, unlike the older design I have on my other car. I'm not so sure this newer one will be in as good shape in 11 years, which is how long I've had the old system.
For example, it was unclear where to measure 10 inches back (side or center) from my windshield as to how far the bars should sit. Roof racks which have a cross bar that ends flush with the end support and those that have a cross bar that go beyond the end support.
Wish they came with covers for the posts so I could remove everything when they aren't needed. We will repeat the same proceedure on the other 3 feet and then we will be ready to install it on our vehicle.
As we tighten the foot down the foot locks onto our side rails and it also secures the AeroBlade bar into place.

At first I measure from the center, but that was clearly incorrect as I reviewed videos on line of the bars being measured from the side. When the rack is not in use it is quiet, which is awesome, because car noise drives me crazy. The flush ended racks are designed for sporty locks and aesthetics while through bars are more functional. This textured surface disturbs the air flowing over the bar, tripping it to create turbulence. We will move back and forth from the drivers side to the passenger side as we tighten down to make sure the crossbar tighten downs evenly. Then I heard howling and whistling and thought, hmmm, maybe I should install the rubber into the top and underside, even in the sliders -that did the trick! They allow for wider loads and some customers like to use the overhanging part as a fixed point for lashing down the load. The result is less wind noise, little or no annoying whistle, and a more aerodynamic rack.
Some people think the 60 inch bars are too much, but if we have to choose between biking and paddling, we choose both! Easy installation and custom fit designs ensure the Mazda 3 rack will allow you to carry a bike rack, cargo basket, cargo box, ski rack or kayak carrier to your Mazda 3. We will place the rear bar into position and then like the front we will check to make sure the overhang on either side is even and we will also measure from the center of our front bar to the center of the rear bar to make sure the bar runs perpendicular to the side rails and it runs parallel with the front bar. This crossbar does not have a full-length teardrop-type tail; rather, it is cut off, leaving a square end at the rear of the bar. Once we have the crossbar into position we will go ahead and use the same tightening procedure we used with the front bar.
Bottom line: if I went on-line and viewed videos of the installation first, I would have gotten it right the first time.
The aerodynamic effect is essentially the same as it would be if the bar continued into a full teardrop shape. Air continues to move over it in a streamlined fashion, flowing along the bar as it would if the tail were complete.
Because there is no tail, though, the bar is smaller and weighs less.Strong, Durable ConstructionThe Thule AeroBlade load bars are constructed of extruded aluminum to ensure an extra-sturdy roof-rack system. During the extrusion process, metal is shaped to form a complex design on the interior of each bar, as seen in the cross section of the AeroBlade. Once you have installed or removed whatever accessories you need in the T-slot, close the end cap and your ready to go.
This process creates crossbars that are primarily hollow but still reinforced for added strength.
This molded material lines the bottom slots of each bar and is scored and numbered to directly correspond with the instructions included in your custom mounting kit. With the AeroBlade you can slide accessories into the T-slots without having to wrestle off an endcap.
Thule offers a load carrier solution with a sleek modern design, perfect fit and the flexibility that comes with a kt based system.

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