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From 7 January 2008, airports in the UK are expected to begin easing the "one bag rule" for hand luggage taken on flights.
Restrictions on the carrying of liquids will remain in place, as will limits on the size of hand luggage.
The tighter hand luggage restrictions were originally introduced in August 2006 following what officials described as a threat from liquid explosives. Passengers boarding planes in EU countries are allowed to carry liquids in containers no more than 100ml in capacity brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag - itself no more than a litre in capacity. Once through security, passengers can buy items in the departures lounge and take them on board. To help with the security process, passengers are also encouraged not to include items which could contain liquids (eg bottles, flasks, tubes, cans, plastic containers etc) in their cabin baggage. Currently, other bags - such as handbags - must be carried within the single item of cabin baggage, but it is thought that from January this will be relaxed to allow them to be taken on separately. All laptops and large electrical items (such as hairdryers) must be taken out of the bag and placed in a tray to be scanned separately from the other items in the bag. If passengers have any questions on their travel arrangements or security in place at airports, they are advised to contact the airport they are using or their airline. Please note that if connecting from our Aer Lingus service to our Aer Lingus Regional service that the 7KG cabin baggage allowance will apply for both parts of the journey. Cabin baggage must fit inside the gauge units at the airport (including wheels and handles). All passengers must be able to place their own cabin baggage into the overhead bin unaided.
Please stow smaller bags under the seat in front of you keeping overhead space free for larger bags. Occasionally we have to check your cabin bag into the hold due to stowage space limitations or if your baggage is over the allowed dimensions and weight.
Passengers in Row 1 Economy or Business Class, or at an emergency exit, MUST store baggage in an overhead bin.
Laptops and larger PEDs (greater than 1kg in weight or which cannot be held in one hand) shall be stowed during taxi, take-off and landing (or at any other time if requested by the flight crew).

Note: Aer Lingus A330 aircraft are Wi-Fi and GSM enabled (passengers must follow on-board procedures for use). Really cheap!Ryanair have enabled many of us to travel more when it was previously too expensive.
By cutting down on extras they’ve made flights irresistibly affordable and who am I to argue with a ?30 return flight to Paris or Oslo or Milan?A lot of people hate Ryanair because of their ‘hidden costs’ but if you read the small print you’ll find they’re actually not that hidden after all.
Check where the airports areBefore you even think about booking a flight, check where the airport you’ll be landing in will be.
This means the airport might be a long way out of the city center and you’ll end up paying extra to travel into the city.I did this with a flight to Oslo. Unless you’re last on the plane it’s unlikely you won’t be able to get a seat with your nearest and dearest.If you’re going to need to check-in baggage then make sure you do it now and pay the extra for it. If you find your bag is too big or too heavy to take as cabin baggage on the day then you’ll pay a small fortune to get it on the plane. Sorry to get all bold and capital on you there but this is the most annoying thing about Ryanair. This is a little vague because it has no weight limit but it’s basically a lady’s small handbag or possibly a camera bag. It’s the kind of small bag where you’d keep your purse, passport and phone.DO NOT exceed the luggage limitations. Ryanair staff have the most amazing talent for spotting overweight bags and they will not let you on with a bag that exceeds the size limit.If you’re looking for a suitable carry-on bag, take a look at Cabin Max.
They make bags that are the exact dimensions for particular airlines so you know you’re within the size guide but have the biggest bag you possibly can have.I’m currently using the Oxford Trolley (?50) which is surprisingly big but is suitable to be used as cabin baggage for Easy Jet, Air France, Wiz Air (large), Monarch, Flybe, American Airlines, Ryanair and Jet2. Stock up at the airport or, if you’re a real cheapskate, stock up at the Pound Shop and take them with you! Pack your headphonesAnother annoying thing about Ryanair is the amount of announcements they make. They’re constantly trying to sell you something so make sure you pack your headphones and have a good play list to drown out the announcements! Line up earlyBecause so many people only take cabin baggage on Ryanair flights there often isn’t enough space on the plane for all the cases. I think it would be illegal to charge to use the toilets.Ryanair might seem like a lot effort but once you’ve flown with them a few times you soon get the hang of it.
At the gate one poor lady’s hard-cased bag was not even centimeter over the allowance and they made her pay a fee.

They are super cheap as well though, so I guess you can’t complain when flights are 100 quid cheaper than everywhere else!How to be a Wanderluster Reply Natalie Roberts November 3, 2014 I flew to Poland in August with Ryanair and I was really dreading it. I have heard a lot of horror stories, but I have to say I though they were great for the price. I think Ryanair is a great option (even if the plane interiors give me a headache) and as long as you play by the rules, it’s usually worth it. I get quite annoyed when people complain about being paying huge fees for printing out boarding passes at the airport or over-size luggage because the airline makes no secret of the consequences.
Haha anyway, this is super helpful – I hadn’t realized they added an extra personal item! Regarding luggage: a while ago I read something about a giant jacket with giant pockets that you can use to take an enormous amount of stuff on board without paying extra. I have always been put off by Ryanair and thought it was just easier to pay extra but know exactly what I am getting and not face any surprised charges.
A lot of my friends have travelled with Ryanair and say it really is the cheapest method once you’ve figured it all out so thanks for all the information.
I suppose if you live near a massive airport or the numerous ones in London, you can choose who you go with. April 5, 2015 I’ll be travelling with Ryanair, for the first time, at the end of June to Portugal and this is by far the most useful article I have read about them.
If you accept that they are a budget airline and play by their rules you can fly all over Europe for a very reasonable price. I’ve used them for years to get between Norway and Ireland for a very affordable price. Though they conveniently forget they are actually being flown across the north sea cheaper than a bus fare.

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