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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The entire Caribbean Joe luggage collection is inspired by the casual island lifestyle theme that Caribbean Joe embodies. The materials used today are strong yet very light weight - these are not your grandmother's suitcases!
Of course, you'll want bags with wheels; but you can still find rigid suitcases that are light enough to lift and carry as needed.

A matching set of bags is cool and sophisticated (or just colorful and fun!) and is a great way to express your personality. While rigid baggage doesn't stretch the way soft sided bags do, they really do carry a lot. Airport Tips for navigating the airport and security, passport rules, even what to do during your layover!
Luggage is not just about packing - that's why each collection is designed to provide great organization, fashion, and timeless classics.

Make use of the compartments inside to hold your smaller items, and experiment with rolling vs.
Relax and take it with you on your next trip and you will feel like time was well spent as you travel from the islands to the office to the country.

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