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Passengers flying with Malaysia Airlines will now be required to carry their Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in their carry-on baggage.
Following recent fire incidents involving e-cigarettes, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a safety alert recommending all airline operators to ensure e-cigarettes (also called personal vaporizers or electronic nicotine delivery) be carried by passengers exclusively in the cabin of the aircraft and not in checked baggage.
Carriage of e-cigarettes in the passenger cabin addresses this safety risk by ensuring that if an incident does occur, it can be immediately identified and mitigated.
Malaysia Airlines serves 42 countries around the world on routes with flights to Malaysia.
Malaysia Airlines abruptly put a temporary suspension on all checked baggage on its flights to Europe, citing strong head winds and safety concerns.
WITH POLICIES LIKE THIS THEY SOON WILL NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT RESTRICTING PASSENGER NUMBERS BECAUSE OF PAYLOAD RESTRICTIONS. A Delta Air Lines pilot delivered a bit of happiness in the form of pizza to passengers on a flight delayed while heading to the Atlanta airport. Four koalas took to the skies in Qantas Airways' business class for a posh trip from Australia to Singapore.
A flight attendant provided passengers with a little in-flight entertainment in March 2015 when she started dancing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit song Uptown Funk. A 29-year-old man faces charges for allegedly stealing a megaphone on a Saskatoon-bound WestJet plane Monday night. Photos of Mexican singer Esmeralda Ugalde sitting behind the controls of a Magnicharters plane mid-flight have gone viral -- and have cost the pilot his job. A flight attendant who showed off her curvy body in modelling shoots has been fired by Turkish Airlines. Siberian air passengers had to get out and push their plane after its chassis froze on Nov. Dutch airline KLM brought some flyers to tears recently by enlisting their loved ones to write personal messages that were then left on the headrests. A Virgin airlines cabin crew had to force open a washroom door to muffle a drunk female passenger's loud love-making that was disturbing others on the flight.

US Airways was -- eventually -- embarrassed and apologetic after tweeting a pornographic photo of a woman lying on a bed with a plane inserted into her vagina. Airline information provided by air-valid.usEach link below shows detailed seat maps and cabin plans for Malaysia Airlines on its major flight routes. 5, Malaysia Airlines said it was only able to carry hand luggage on services from Kuala Lumpur to Europe. Subscribing will provide you access to exclusive news, carefully researched airline financial, fleet and traffic data, plus the option to receive our popular, award-winning print magazine. Heavy rainfall at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Tuesday delayed many planes, with a flight from Philadelphia forced to make an emergency landing in Knoxville, Tennessee instead of Atlanta. The koalas - named Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia - were sent by Australia to Singapore to mark that country's 50th independence anniversary.
In videos posted to YouTube by a fellow plane passenger, Karen Halnon can be seen smoking a cigarette and also rants about President Obama and oil.
According to the YouTube user who posted the video, the flight attendant is his sister and former break dancer.
An article linking to a joke about oral sex, featuring a photo of Urechis unicinctus - a Chinese marine spoon worm - was posted to the airlines' Facebook page for about an hour before it was pulled down. Airline brass decided that Zuhal Sengul, 31, went a little too far in wearing far too little in a photo shoot with an Italian magazine. A woman was kicked off a US Airways flight in Connecticut earlier this week after trying to sneak a pot-bellied pig on board for support. After scouring the departures terminal for teary goodbyes, KLM staff took friends and relatives aside and invited them to write a final surprise message that would be attached to flyers' seatbacks.
And her closed-door toilet tryst was with a man she had just met during a Gatwick to Las Vegas flight with her parents, the Daily Mirror reported. Authorities at the Madrid airport in Spain noticed a passenger on a flight arriving from Costa Rica who had "a suspicious package between his legs," according to the official Twitter account of the national police.
After sitting on the tarmac in Knoxville for several hours, the pilot ordered pizza from Pizza Hut to feed the hungry passengers.

The website posted updates on the 'love flight' to its Twitter account, which drew the attention of users from around the world.
The airline photographed the cute foursome being served eucalyptus and other refreshments by flight attendants before they were safely returned to their specially built climate-controlled containers for the actual flight. Halnon told New York's Daily News that the cigarette was a symbol for a smoking gun and her show of support to cigarette-smoking revolutionaries like Fidel Castro.
Diefenbaker International Airport about a passenger who stole the device from the galley of the plane. Ugalde posted photos of herself holding the plane's controller and wearing the pilot's hat to Twitter, but has since deleted the images. The head of the airline's union says Turkish Airlines is trying to "shape the company to fit its own political and ideological stance," and the full-figured Sengul, a vegan who has a black belt in karate, isn't portraying a proper image.
A spokesman for American Airlines, parent company of US Airways, told ABC the pig was brought on board for emotional support. Suitcases that landed on winning panels from the chute won their owners everything from gloves to a free round-trip flight. The woman, and the pig, were asked to leave when the pig became disruptive, the airline said.
And in a true testament to the power of the Internet, Jamie Kelly has found his airplane seatmate in a love story that's gone viral. Social media was buzzing about the feat, especially after video emerged of the passengers pushing the plane. But the two became separated at the customs line, with the Irishman queuing in the EU-only lane, and Katie Moreau, of Riverport, Nova Scotia, taking the non-EU line.

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