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Say goodbye to strollers when you travel, this ride-on luggage for kids has a weight capacity of 40lbs.
The Skootcase has a fully functioning steering column (this can be a good or bad thing, I think!).
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Read more:Cheese Grater toilet paperNothing screams quality like Cheese Grater Toilet Paper. The Olaf Scooters are a set of luggage scooters that allow you to ride your luggage like a scooter instead of hauling it around on your back or dragging it behind you like you would a normal piece of luggage. The Olaf luggage scooters come in two different varieties, one of which is a backpack, and the other is a hard shell piece of luggage.
Both luggage scooters have a max capacity of about 220 lbs, come included with a 3 digit lock for security, and are both customizable with laser engraving.

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It was actually named as one of the best products of 2003, is foldable, and counts as one carry-on item in the airports. Enter in the Travelpro® Sweepstakes and travel like a proAn ever-growing collection of WTF Gadgets from DXOkay now I’m a believer, this is the future, a portable UV water purifierBoard of traveling? Casio Retro DBC32 Series Wrist Watch Databanks Calling it just a watch is a total understatement. The design is based on the rather stylish Vespa scooters you see zooming through the streets of Italian cities.
She can decipher the handwriting of a preschooler and stop brotherly brawls single-handedly, all while masterfully sipping freshly brewed Earl Grey. Not only does riding it like a scooter make you go faster and will help you get to your destination faster, but it's much more comfortable than hauling the bag behind you, plus it adds in a bit of a workout to your day. The backpack is a bit smaller as it has a capacity of about 26 Liters and will run you about $213, and the hard shell luggage is a bit larger with a capacity of about 35 Liters and will cost you a little extra at around $245.

The Skootcase is a clever little contraption which could very nearly save any parent’s sanity in a bustling airport.
When not in use, the scooter part will snap up to become one piece with the luggage, and best of all the bags are carry-on approved for airlines so you can scoot yourself all the way into the plane and simply place it in the overhead compartment. Your child can pack their favourite bits and bobs in their very own case, then hop on board, while you take the tow strap and drive them through the airport.
It comes in blue or pink, and is available from the manufacture, Diggin Active for US$69.99, but you will most likely need a reshipper.

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