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Nice feeling with high quality faux leather material, So well made high quality materials with very stylish Striped Map bags. Beyond the novelty factor, it's also a really good travel companion: It rolled easily and made me feel superhero-strong as I casually hoisted the 22-in.
Cons: The weight trade-off is in the frame, so you won't get quite as much protection as you would from a heavier suitcase.
Final Verdict: A great buy, particularly for carry-on travelers and anyone who doesn't like lifting extra weight.
I love the hardside ones with wheels because they seem more secure than the fabric ones and they are very easy to roll!
If you know me already you also know that I only pick pretty and very unique luggage… Never black! Instead of having to ‘mark’ yours with colorful tags, handkerchiefs or whatever else, I would rather travel with a unique and colorful luggage set, just like this one you see on the picture!
Here I put together some of the cutest, most fun, colorful, unique and pretty luggage sets available on the market right now!
There will be no stress at the baggage carousel because yours will be the most unique and colorful luggage set there!
From gorgeous flower luggage sets to hearts suitcases, polka dots and even a sunset on the beach luggage set, you will find them all here and many more!

I absolutely LOVE cute luggage sets and I want all the girly women and girly girls in the world to find the girliest luggage set possible! It’s made from ABS and polycarbonate and the wheels spin in 360 degrees, making this also a very smooth rolling luggage set! What a gorgeous and very unique (not to mention FUN) pretty leopard hardside luggage set with a beautiful high gloss finish! We can’t talk about pretty luggage or fun luggage without mentioning a few of the cutest polka dot luggage sets being sold!
Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more pretty or colorful I present this gorgeous, girly, colorful and very pretty luggage set! I guarantee you that all heads will turn your way at the airport when you show up with your gorgeous hot air balloon suitcases! This is a very pretty and very unique artistic (not to mention ultra-COLORFUL!) 3-piece butterfly LOVE hearts hardside spinner set for sale!
It has pockets and zippers inside, so you can pack documents and small items separately and they are also expandable. This pretty luggage set is one of the most popular and most bought girly luggage sets around! Have you ever seen anything prettier and girlier than this colorful multi-flower print luggage set?

While they struggle to find their boring black luggage sets and pray they don’t get switched, you will immediately find yours! I almost always like to save the best for last on my pages and it’s no different this time!!
But the bag still feels sturdy enough to check confidently, and if you're primarily a carry-on traveler and don't have to worry about your bags suffering the wrath of baggage handlers, this is mostly a moot point anyway.
The retail price puts these suitcases in the moderate price range, and a number of online sellers including Amazon and eBags offer discounts that make them even more affordable. While it holds up well to the rigors of travel, it doesn't have quite as much structural integrity as a heavier suitcase.
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The only other issue with the bag I tested was that the zipper had a slightly hard time rounding one of the footed corners on the bottom of the bag—a problem that seemed to have more to do with design than the zipper itself.

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