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The brilliant, Bill Mitchell-designed Eldorado was among Detroit's first Personal Luxury Coupés.
Based on the same platform as Oldsmobile's Toronado (which debuted in 1966), the Eldorado featured Cadillac's 429 big block engine and a modified TurboHydramatic transmission, the THM425. More than 40 years later, GM's early FWD behemoths have retained their attractiveness--even Jay Leno has one in his star-studded collection.
The 1967 Cadillac Eldorado presented here, VIN *H7270850*, has quite an interesting story to tell.
This fabulous one-owner-Cad comes with a slew of interesting orginal documents, among them the original window sticker, metal Protect-o-Plate, original California "pink slip" title, service records, owner's manual, owner protection plan and Cadillac accessory brochure, all inside the original blue vinyl pouch. MSRP of this Fleetwood Eldorado, as it was officially called, was $7,989.85, or about three times as much as the price of a Chevrolet Biscayne.
Original window sticker, pink slip, and Protect-o-Plate irrefutably confirm the car's matching numbers, equipment, and provenance. Aside from the usual Cadillac luxuries, there are 11 extra-cost options, making this Eldo a truly loaded automobile.
A beloved Sunday driver in an adult home, this much-loved automobile covered just 53,902 actual miles in 43 years--that's less than 1,250 miles annually, on average! Fortunately for the avid collector of all-original vintage iron, the car still proudly displays both of its cherished California black-and-yellow license plates. Below the enormously long and wide hood awaits an engine compartment that could be considered of reference quality.
Incredibly, the car still features all of its gorgeous, original Grecian White paint, applied at the factory, 43 years ago.
Original steel wheels with vented hub caps allow a peek at the large--optional--disc brake calipers.

Thankfully, this this Eldo was always garaged and covered; the steering wheel and dashboard have remained in pristine condition, free of any sun fading or hairline cracks.
Magnificently preserved, still supple, original hides throughout speak of the low mileage and excellent care this car has always received. Carpeting, headliner, sun visors, side panels--everything is in unmarked, excellent original condition. Big trunk for affluent folks that travel with lots of luggage, plus a couple of sets of golf clubs, perhaps. Only in California will you find a 43 year-old car that's as dry and unmolested as this Eldo.
Sunday, March 21, the first day of spring, served up perfect weather for a nice cruise in the '67.
The Eldorado starts instantly, idles smoothly, accelerates without fuss, and handles like a much smaller car, thanks in part to its variable ratio power steering and rear air leveling system (both firsts for Cadillac). For all its innovation and prowess, the first FWD Eldorados are still a bargain in the world of collector cars.
How many one owner, low mileage, original paint, California black plate, first year Cadillac Eldorados are still around?
Here it is, a true collector's item in every respect, ready to be treated like a fine heirloom by its new caretaker. Power and handling were universally praised; 0-60 could be achieved in under 9 seconds, top speed was around 120mph. It was purchased new on June 16, 1967 at Madison Cadillac, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee, by a physician for his wife during a trip to to Graceland--the wife was a huge fan of Elvis Presley's and insisted on touring her idol's erstwhile stomping grounds in a white Cadillac! After the passing of her husband, the original owner, now in her late Seventies, decided to part with her long-time companion and Californiaclassix was fortunate to become the new, temporary custodian by promising to find a good new home for her car.

Inside of trunk lid looks great, features original tire pressure decal and working trunk light.
There has never been any rust, rust repair, or spray can artistry to hide any kind of flaw. Passers-by stop dead in their tracks to do a double take at this time-warp-quality automobile; for most, it must look like an escapee from some Detroit dream car factory with its hidden headlamps (all 4 sealed beams are the original "T3" type, by the way) and razor-sharp, angular styling. With Buick Rivieras and Oldsmobile Toronados pulling in big money at live auctions across the nation, the Eldorado is on its way to reclaim its deserved title as the most sophisticated of the trio. Well, it's anybody's guess; we'd venture to claim that it would be virtually impossible to duplicate this amazing survivor's outstanding traits.
Shortly thereafter, the couple moved to San Jose, California, where the car resided ever since.
Cadillac absolutely "got it" with their first generation of personal luxury Coupés, and the '67 model is universally regarded as the best and purest of the bunch.
Buy a fine example now, and you are sure to outpace the market, the Eldo's appreciation potential being tremendous. Today, the first FWD Eldorado is considered a milestone car; pristine survivors are sought after by savvy collectors worldwide. Service work performed within the last 100 miles includes flushing fuel system and radiator, replacing all fuel lines, changing all fluids, replacing the right side drive axle, relining front and rear brakes, replacing rear wheel cylinders, machining rotors and drums, replacing brake master cylinder, rebuilding the carburetor, replacing the rear dual exhaust pipes, and fitting a new headlight vacuum motor.

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