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Deciding whether to repair or replace wheels on luggage depends on the severity of the damage. However, when the wheels fall off or when the mounting loses its hold, owners can replace the damaged parts.
The materials for repairing luggage wheels can vary depending on the situation or wheel type.
Using the popsicle stick or other type of flat stick, fill the cracks with the epoxy mix and spread some more on the surface to level with the wheel coating. If the custom wheel rubs on the frame of the travelling bag, DIYers can bevel the edges with a carpet knife.
The replacement luggage wheels should be the same size as the old wheels, and ideally the same type. Before starting the replacement process, DIYers need to determine the best way to access the wheel mountings. To secure the wheels with rivets, DIYers need a drill with a bit slightly larger than the rivet on the luggage. Remove the nut inside the luggage compartment and then push off the small clip that holds the wheel to remove both the bolt and the wheel.
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DIYers may only need plastic epoxy as the main material or may have to purchase replacement wheels along with other components.

To start repairing luggage wheels with epoxy, in a small container mix equal parts of the two epoxy liquids that come in a package with a popsicle stick or similar item.
To begin, start a tear in the duct tape so that it has a width sufficient to cover the wheel. Finally, wrap a layer of electrical tape to the custom wheel so it is black and resembles the other wheel.
Replacement wheels can come as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels or as wheels with a universal fit.
Some luggage has wheel mountings right inside the suitcase while others have a lining inside that DIYers need to uncover.
Begin by drilling the end of each rivet while making sure not to enlarge the hole in the luggage casing itself. Given the variety, however, buyers need to ensure that the replacement luggage wheels they are buying are the right size for their luggage.
A damaged plastic wheel coating only requires epoxy, while wheels that are beyond repair may need replacement wheels along with other hardware and tools.
When the coating of a wheel chips off, the luggage rolls noisily and may be difficult to pull.
Knowing the types of repair or replacement of luggage wheels allows owners to extend the life of their luggage.
Each process requires certain steps, and getting to know those steps helps steer DIYers in the right direction.

Slap the tape onto the metal core that held the wheel, then roll the metal core to feed it with the tape, while ensuring that the unused part of the tape is still useful later.
The electrical tape also covers the bevelled edge of the custom wheel so it is not sticky as it rolls along.
A zipper or Velcro generally secures the linings; in some luggage, however, the lining is solid and DIYers must pick out the seams. Next, replace the clip and ensure that the wheel is back in its original position before tightening the nut back onto the bolt. Owners who know how to repair or replace damaged luggage wheels can extend the life of their luggage and still enjoy it when they travel.
After accessing the mountings, users can mount the wheels with one of two hardware items:rivets or screws.
Continue to feed the metal core with tape until it is as thick or has the same diameter as the other wheel.
Finally, slide over a washer to the shaft of the rivet to ensure it does not slide through the case.

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