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We’ve rounded up the current hand luggage allowances for some of the major airlines to hopefully save you from making a difficult choice to pack your treasured lenses when you get to the airport! When it comes to expensive and fairly fragile cameras, lenses, flashguns and other accessories, there’s a lot to be said for the security of taking your kit onto the plane with you as carry-on luggage. The rigours of airport baggage handling systems and an aircraft’s cargo hold are much less appealing. A good quality, medium-sized photo backpack is an obvious choice for taking camera kit as carry-on luggage, but there are factors you need to be aware of.
A bigger issue is the maximum allowed weight of the bag, with much greater differences between different airlines and tour operators.
Some airlines merely stipulate that you must be able to lift a carry-on bag into an overhead compartment, unaided. The table above shows the current carry-on baggage restrictions for various popular airlines, when travelling economy class.
It is common knowledge that the airline baggage shipping rates are much higher than the prices offered by shipping companies.
Email us your baggage shipping to Australia requirements and will try to bit every quote you have received from your airline. If you have never used the plane as a means of transport, or you have flown short distances only you should take a look at the luggage rules. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport in the form of additional control, extra charges for too heavy baggage, or a need to get rid of some of your belongings at the airport. All passengers are entitled to two types of luggage free of charge (except for low-cost flights and most economic airlines). The hand luggage that is carried in on board and the main baggage that travels in the hold.Each airline has its own conditions on the size and weight of luggage that depend on the class and itineraries.

The exception is British Airways, which in the ticket price allows to possess 23kg of luggage. If you have any questions regarding the shipping of some other types of extra or special luggage please contact our office. In order to check in the larger luggage you should turn up at the airport about 2 hrs before the scheduled departure. Some airlines allow for free transportation of musical instruments and sport equipment shipping, such as a surfboard, ski, golf clubs, guitar etc. No airlines operating from Europe to Australia allow the movement of animals on the deck or in the hold of the aircraft.
In many cases it turns out that there are additional costs associated with the carriage of extra baggage and usually they additional amount to be paid is a very unpleasant surprise. According to our resent checks, taking with you only one additional baggage can mean an extra expense of A?15 - for a lightweight suitcase, out of season, and the payment of up to as much as A?230 pounds (!) for a bit heavier luggage if you left to the last minute and pay at the airport.
Still other rates, even higher will apply for travelling with or shipping musical instruments, a child car seat or a bicycle. Each airlines allows their passengers to carry certain limits for check-in luggage, depending on which airline you are taking you'll have to comply to the limits of the weight of your check-in luggage. If you want to take you camera and gear abroad, every airline has specific carry-on restrictions based on size and weight.
That said, photo backpacks often become a little more compact than their stated dimensions once the various chest and waist straps are pressed in, along with the often deep padding in the back and shoulder areas. Others have a relatively low weight limit that’s likely to be exceeded even if the backpack is only half full of camera kit. However, these are subject to change, so it’s important to check with the airline you are using before you set off on your travels.

If you need we can collect your extra luggage from your home anywhere in the UK and deliver it to any address in Australia. Passengers are allowed to take with them only small quantities of liquids in their hand luggage. In the case of the passenger being late, the freight and people carrier may refuse to transport the baggage. The terms of this insurance are governed by the Montreal Convention or the local authority depending on the country of origin of the carrier. Therefore, you may want to weigh your hand and main baggage at home to make sure you fit in the limit. Always check your ticket if it includes this option so you do not have to pay extra to send your special baggage to Australia.
Before you get your cheap ticket you should check - especially using the so-called low-cost airlines - what are the limits of hand luggage and what are the prices for extra luggage and excess baggage. Regardless of the Convention, which applies to your journey, you can increase the limit of liability for loss, damage or delay of baggage by providing a separate declaration at the check-in desk of the baggage value and pay the appropriate additional fee. Sometimes the ticket price may be a bargain but with the addition charges for your special luggage the final price may be much higher. So if you are bringing 40kgs of luggage please divide it into 2 luggage for example you may divide it into each 20kgs or 1 luggage = 30kgs whereas the other 10kgs. Packaging should be placed in one transparent plastic bag (up to 1 litre) with the possibility of closing.

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