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These are ideal pieces for people who are looking for a small, wheeled luggage to carry onto the plane. These are considered the International carry-on sizes, as they are allowed as a carry-on for most International flights. These sizes are popular for travelers looking for a smaller, lighter option of luggage to check. With all the different types and sizes of wheeled luggage, it can be confusing as to what may fit your needs the most. Often thought of as overnight bags, rolling totes are typically small enough to fit both under the seat and in the overhead bin of airplanes. The “safer” carry-on option, the smaller “international” carry-on size generally affords people peace of mind when boarding a plane. For those traveling for a week or less, the smaller (23” to 26”) checked bag option affords you plenty of space for clothes and shoes. Designed for long trips of a week to much longer, the largest checked bag options afford the most space possible while still able to fly. While some are small enough to be checked to the airline, the larger 36” and 42” duffel bags are too big for most commercial airlines. Most wheeled totes will fit under the seat, and are small enough to easily lift in and out of the overhead storage bins. They are ideal for trips of 1-2 days, as they have packing space for a few outfits, a pair of shoes, and toiletries.

These pieces are too large to carry onto the plane, but are perfect for trips of 3 to 5 days. I ordered it on a Friday and received it by the next day.~ MaxineMy experience with Luggage Pros was fabulous! We love the bag, the quality and color.~ YiI have ordered from your company for the past two years. In this guide, we have broken down all the different sizes and styles of luggage to help you find what fits your personal needs. Sometimes these rolling totes can be considered personal items depending on the airline and the size of the tote. These bags are made to be smaller than the max carry-on size; thus, they typically board the plane without issue. Tighter airline restrictions have called into question some of the 22” and 21” bags ability to be carried on the plane; however, they are still the staple for business and leisure travelers looking to maximize space. These bags are perfect if you need more space than a carry-on, but don’t need a large bag for weeks of travel. These bags border and sometimes exceed the typical 62” linear inch limit for checked luggage and are difficult to keep under the 50 pound weight limit because of their sheer size and capacity. Wheeled totes can hold a single change of clothes, books, magazines, and any other small items you would like to take with you on the plane. Due to their large size, when fully packed they can be difficult to maneuver and may exceed the 50 lbs.
Generally, these rolling totes can hold one or two outfits and other small personal items you keep with you on the plane.

While designed for weekend or one to two day trips, “international” carry-ons can be packed for much longer depending on your use of space. Originally intended for 2 to 4 day trips, the 21” and 22” carry-on can provide for a week or longer if you maximize space. The suiter (a fold out or removable garment sleeve) has space for up to 2 suits or dresses. The suiter (a fold out or removable garment sleeve) can hold two thick wool suits and up to four dresses. All of our needs were met and my husband and I will continue to purchase in the future from Luggage Pros.~ PatriciaThanks! These are the ideal sizes for business travelers or weekend trips, as most pieces of these sizes have either a foldout or removable garment sleeve that can hold one suit or dress and has sufficient packing space for a few outfits, a couple pairs of shoes, and toiletries.
These are the best option for luggage to check, they have lots of room to pack but you won't break your back trying to move it. Most also have an expansion feature, which allows an additional 2 to 4 inches of packing capacity, but when expanded these sizes may exceed the carry on restrictions and would have to be checked. We will keep your company in mind in the future as the need arises!~ ClaudiaThanks for handling my order - your service was friendly and considerate.
The bag is exactly as described, actually even better, it arrived promptly, and your service is excellent.

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