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UnlikeA barcode scanning, which only sends information to the handlers, RFID tags can alert both handlers and customers about the bag's status via a mobile network.A Delta says the added transparency will give people more peace of mind. DeltaOne of the new belt scanners tracking RFID tags.While Delta is the first airline to implement RFID tags, the move isn't newA in aviation.
McCarran Airport in Las Vegas has been using RFID since 2006, and a number of international airlines have been using RFID tags for years as a way to entice customers to upgrade their tickets. In addition, numerous luggage manufacturers have equipped their products with RFID tags for the exact purpose Delta recently announced. As Alissa Walker noted in Gizmodo, Delta's success rate with baggage-handing seems far too highA for the airline to invest millionsA in a solution that would close the gap only slightly. Once the RFID is fully rolled out, there will be 3,800 tag printers worldwideA and 4,600 scanners.
Once the RFID is fully rolled out, there will be 3,800 tag printers nationwide and 4,600 scanners.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Delta is the first airline to implement RFID tags in the United States, and it’s going all in, with plans to use the tags in a total of 344 airports. This RFID technology will replace barcode hand scanning, which has been standard practice for over 25 years.
The new and improved tracking will be fully functioning by this fall and, hypothetically, will mean travelers have one less headache to deal with while flying.
Passive RFID systems can be used over short-ranges where the objects to be tracked pass through a small number of known narrow points that can be automatically monitored a€“ such as a pallet of goods passing through a door in a warehouse.
Active RFID provides superior performance where real-time tracking is required throughout a larger or more complex area, such as within a hospital, industrial or office building with many corridors, doors and rooms. TagMobile is scalable from a standalone department system to a campus wide network and can be customized to meet usera€™s specific process requirements. Delta was recently voted one of the worst airlines in existence, so that $50 million might go toward an image of being forward-thinking, even if the reality isA that most people don't lose their bags anyway.

There will also be 1,500 scanners on the conveyor belts that load bags on and off planes in an effort toA eliminate the need for handlers scanning each bag individually. The airline spent $50 million implementing the system for the fancy tags, which emit a low-power radio signal that automatically delivers status updates to Delta as someone’s checked baggage moves through various checkpoints. Customers will also be able to track their bags in real time using the Delta app, and, according to Delta claims, the new system will be 99.9 percent successful in getting items to their proper destination. Now if Delta could just come up with a way to provide infinite legroom and do away with delays, air travel might once again be enjoyable. The RFID-equipped tags aren’t radically different from the old barcode tags, but in the event a suitcase goes missing, the system will automatically detect and redirect the luggage.

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