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Research reveals Brits are barking mad when it comes to leaving their pets behind as they head off on their hols a€“ with one in 10 taking a pic of their four-legged friend with them. Losing your luggage is never going to get your hols off to the best start, but having the ability to instantly locate your errant underwear etc will help ease the pain.
Forget cheap smartphone apps, if youa€™re serious about your holiday snaps, then the Panono camera ball is all you need. Poor posture on a long-haul flight can leave you seriously stiff and unable to enjoy the first few days of your trip a€“ which is where the Lumo Back Monitor can help. Whether staying alone in a hotel room or wanting to ensure your kids dona€™t go walkabout while you sleep, this portable door alarm makes the perfect solution. Never again suffer the crushing pain of opening your suitcase only to discover youa€™ve left your mobile phone charger at home. Screw this tiny device onto just about any water bottle, plug it in to a USB outlet and you have your very own portable humidifier. Smart travellers heading to sunny shores shouldna€™t leave home without this must-have gadget.
Moving on from the traditional do-nut-round-the-neck-style travel pillow, the NapAnywhere device is a portable head-support thata€™s designed specifically for use in planes, trains, buses and cars. Forget spending hundreds on a cumbersome waterproof camera, this unique diving mask comes with a camera that can take 8 megapixel images and 30fps video footage. A single AA battery powered, fully functioning emergency mobile phone with a 15 year shelf life and up to 10 hours of talk time. Wea€™ve never had it so good with holiday-related gadgets, but how did the travel-savvy techno-head survive in the dim, distant past of the pre-digital world? Yes, the chosen medium for holiday soundtracks before iTunes was even a twinkle in Steve Jobsa€™ eye.
In the days before digital cameras, it was either wait three weeks to get your holiday snaps developed a€“ only to realise youa€™d left the lens cap on a€“ or buy a state-of-the-art Polaroid camera for instant photographic gratification.
In a pre-digital world (and even before video tape) the technologically advanced holidaymaker was creating a moving record of worldly travel using Super 8 Cine cameras. In the market for a simple, affordable way to monitor the location of your luggage as soon as it joins the rest of the checked-in baggage at the airport?  The Trakdot Luggage Tracker should fit those requirements.

A small palm-sized device, it can be crammed to fit into the mass of stash in your luggage.  Once inside, you can track the location of your bag directly from a smartphone, so you know exactly where it is in case the airline messes up and loses your case among the pile. To use, you'll need to register your gadget on the official website, specifying how you want to be notified about your luggage's location.  You can choose to receive notifications via email or SMS messages, with the option to turn off both if you'd rather use the official app to find your luggage in real-time.
For GPS to work, it needs to a have a clear field of view to the sky so that the GPS satellites can track it. So if this device is sitting inside a suitcase, inside an airport somewhere, how will the GPS satellites be able to track it?!
Yes, despite your flight departing from a gate thata€™s closer to your destination airport than the one youa€™re flying from, this scooter suitcase will have you speeding through the departure lounge and ready to board as the hordes are still dragging their bags past Gate 499. If the scooter case is a little underpowered for you, then why not choose to up the octane stakes with this Motor Bike Suitcase? Simply toss the ball into the air, where clever tech will calculate the highest point where ita€™s barely moving before triggering its 36 internal cameras to produce a stunning 360-degree panorama. Simply jam it under any door a€“ and be alerted by an ear-splitting alarm should it be opened. With the bracelet on your wrist, you can measure real-time sun intensity and monitor your daily exposure to the bright stuff. The EnerPlex Surfr smartphone is a battery pack case that can be topped up through its solar cells a€“ keep your phonea€™s motor running whenever you need it. It is waterproof to a depth of 5m, has a battery thata€™s good for 2.5 hours use, with downloads through a USB connection. It comes with a 24-hour torch with a flashing SOS mode, panic siren, audible feedback, a one-touch emergency call button, customisable speed dial numbers, and a Location and Alert Services upgrade option. The camera’s equivalent to a modern-day hard drive was a cassette of film that allowed continuous filming for the grand total of 3 minutes 20 seconds.
Simply fit a lightweight collar to your pet and enjoy live tracking sent straight to your mobile phone or tablet wherever you are in the world. Ita€™s an electric-powered, all-terrain motorbike-like suitcase that packs more than your pants and socks. Simply pop the device a€“ the worlda€™s smallest unit, according to the manufacturer a€“ into your luggage and track it in (almost) real-time pretty much anywhere in the world.

You can then preview it on your smartphone before sharing it on social media sites or embedding it on a blog page. You can then sync it to your smartphone and get a full report on your posture, time spent sitting, steps taken, calories burned and even your sleep habits. The accompanying phone app will then help tell you when to cover up and provide data to prevent skin damage, premature skin ageing and reduce the risk of related cancers. You can even set up zones, where automatic alerts are sent should your home-alone pet step beyond its limits a€“ allowing you to alert your pet-sitter. Ita€™s fully functional and can be driven on all types of surfaces a€“ either interior or exterior. It can be operated from your smartphone, too, so you can locate your bags direct from the empty luggage carousel at your destination airport.
All this can help improve your health and leave you better prepared to enjoy healthy holiday activities such as over eating and drinking more than you should. The app will give advice tailored to your sunbathing habits, skin type and tell you when to apply lotion, or put on a hat and sunglasses. Trakdot Luggage Tracker, Track Lost Luggage, Airline Baggage, Air Travel, FlightThe palm size device has to simply be placed in your luggage and the user will receive a text message when they land informing them about where their luggage is.
Updates are sent via a sim card with a pay-as-you-go GiffGaff option costing around 5p for 1000 messages.
Please observe local traffic regulations and always wear a crash helmet while riding your suitcase.
The product definitely has some great features, not only can you track your luggage on your phone, you can do so online as well. The service of the gadget is available all over the world,  and the fact that it’s light in weight and small in size makes it very portable when traveling.
Just put this AA-battery-powered beacon into your checked bag and keep tabs on its whereabouts via your smartphone.

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