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When you get closer to your cruise sailing date, you will have to start packing and that means you will need to mark your luggage for Royal Caribbean and that brings us to luggage tags. Luggage tags are pieces of paper you attach to each piece of luggage you plan on checking at the pier to have delivered to your room. It's just like how airlines add tags to your checked luggage to make sure they go to the right plane. The luggage tags are included in the eDocs that are issued about 49 days before your cruise sailing. Simply cut out the luggage tag as described on the print out, loop around the handle of your luggage and staple together. Guests who are Crown & Anchor Society Pinnacle members as well as Suite guests (Grand Suites and above) will still receive baggage tags in the mail. Royal Caribbean discountinued issuing its own luggage tags by mail back in 2012 (except for the aforementioned Pinnacle members and suite guests). Yes, you can get the preprinted luggage tags with the adhesive strips if you order paper documents for $35. As you might guess, paper luggage tags could be ripped off or torn accidently and there are a few ways to protect them from damage.
Alternatively, we've used for many years Cruisetags, which are plastic holders custom created for Royal Caribbean's luggage tags.
The best part is you can re-use the luggage tag holders again and again to give added value. The color does help the Royal Caribbean staff arrange the luggage quicker, so colored tags are preferred but not required. Don't worry, the porters at the pier can affix luggage tags to your luggage on the spot for no additional charge. Porters constantly run into passengers who forget their luggage tags or decide at the last minute they want to check more baggage. Just show them the tag in your set sail documents and they write them on high quality airline grade luggage tags and stick them on for you. Just like if you forgot your luggage tags, the porters will affix a RFID chip to your luggage and give you a tracking receipt. You can then track the progress of your luggage via the Royal iQ app that is available for smartphones. Royal Caribbean Blog is an unofficial fan blog written for other fans of the Royal Caribbean International. I understand I will be contacted by MEI Travel regarding booking a Royal Caribbean cruise and am interested in booking a cruise. Royal Caribbean is stopping the practice of sending its passengers luggage tags in the mail prior to its cruises, effecting August 8, 2012.

Instead, bag tags will now be included as a page within the eDoc ticket booklets, which can then be printed and attached by the guest. At this time, this change only applies to Royal Caribbean International and not its sister companies Celebrity Cruises or Azamara Club Cruises.
Passengers can still get bag tags at the port they embark at, from the porters that handle the bags.
In the days, months (and sometimes years) leading up to your Royal Caribbean cruise, there is going to be a lot of excitement about your vacation and there are some fun ways to prepare and bring a little Royal Caribbean to your home. Taking a cruise vacation has never been more popular, and when the "cruise bug" bites you, here are some great ways to get in the mood for a cruise that will have a Royal Caribbean touch to it! Royal Caribbean requires you to affix luggage tags to your luggage but you can also add some style to your luggage with these "Anchors Away" luggage tags that look a whole lot like Royal Caribbean's logo.
These 4.5 inch luggage tags are nice and big, so it makes spotting your luggage easier at the airport and in baggage claim. To get in the mood for your cruise or to maybe understand how a cruise ship works, check out this great read by Royal Caribbean captain Johnny Faevelen, "The Captain". Bonus points if you can sail on a ship Captain Johnny commands these days and get it autographed! Royal Caribbean provides luggage tags that guests can print out and they work well enough but why not protect your luggage tags from being accidently ripped with these Slim Cruise Line Luggage Holders by Shacke. The concept is simple: print out your luggage tags and then insert them in here and affix them to your luggage. So you are going to the Caribbean or Mediterranean, Southeast Asia or anywhere else where it can get downright hot and need a way to cool down? All you do is moisten the towel with water, wring out the excess and then drape it around your neck.
It works instantly and it is a great way to cool down when the sun (and humidity) are really hitting you hard.
Everyone uses their smart phones as cameras because they really do have a great camera inside, but why worry about getting it wet or full of sand? The JOTO smartphone case will protect your phone against water, sand, snow, your toddler trying to eat it and more.
Just drop your phone in the case, seal it up and you can use your phone to take photos in the ocean, pool, beach and anywhere else you want. In 2012, Royal Caribbean International stopped mailing out luggage tags, and instead provided a page in the electronic PDF cruise documents that could be folded, stapled, and taped to create a do-it-yourself luggage tag. This program is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Royal Caribbean International or Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Many people, uncomfortable with the durability or hassle of taped and stapled luggage tags began cutting out the tags instead of folding, and either laminating them, sandwiching them in clear packing tape, or inserting them into vinyl bookmark holders or vinyl cruise tag holders from places like Favors By Serendipity or the Cruise Critic Cruise Store.

If the tags are going to be cut out, using an entire piece of paper (or an entire full-sheet label) for each tag seemed like a waste. Although the luggage tags include a line for "Guest Name", Royal Caribbean leaves this blank for you to fill in with a pen after printing. If you do not already have your cruise documents or luggage tags in PDF form, download them to your computer.The cruise documents are different from your SetSail pass, and are usually not available from the Royal Caribbean web site until 40-49 days before your cruise. The PDF Luggage Tag Tool has only been personally tested on Windows 7, but should work on Windows XP or newer. If you want to manually extract the program into a folder without using my installation EXE, you can download the ZIP here.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The constituent programs included herein are distributed under the GPL or similar open licenses.
Royal Caribbean International® and Royal Caribbean® are trademarks of  Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. I ordered Cruise Critic luggage tags for Royal Caribbean printed luggage tags, they are great. This Windows program provides a few useful functions for dealing with the Royal Caribbean PDF luggage tags. Therefore, the Tag Rearranger will extract the luggage tags from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Documents PDF and create a new PDF that has four tags on a single page. To make it easy to find, the installation folder will by default create a folder called "LuggageTags" on your computer's desktop. It is recommended that you place your cruise documents PDF in this folder. You will also need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to view the files you create.User reports indicate that it will work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or newer with the latest version of Parallels Desktop installed. It also gives you the option of inserting a name into the "Guest Name" area of the tag so that you don't have to write it in by hand.
To run the program again later, go to the folder you chose in Step 2 and double-click on the "Double-Click HERE to Begin!" shortcut. Once you have finished on-line check in, if you're within 40-49 days of your cruise, you should see a ''PRINT PAPER LUGGAGE TAG'' button.

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