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By Cynthia Leave a Comment Although not a new concept, Luggage Tags are a really cool save-the-date for destination weddings, and the best part is that it’?s an easy and affordable DIY project. Below is an easy step-by-step guide with instructions to download my FREE save the date destination weddings template.
All you have to do is sign up for my monthly destination wedding newsletter, and you will be able to download the template instantly. Click here to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you’ll instantly get a link to your free template.
After you print out your customized template, place the sheet of paper on the paper cutter and cut along the dotted line of each luggage tag. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Wet a couple of test pieces and try out all your stamps until you find patterns that you'd like to use on the finished tags.
Some tips for successful leather stamping or 'tooling': Where you can, use your hammer to tap your stamp firmly into the leather. For your tag strings, you can either use shoe laces (pictured) or you can cut thin strips of your leather. If you're like me, and thousands of others who have a nondescript black suitcase that is always a trick to pick out of a conveyor belt crowd, this leather luggage tag Instructable is for you!

Here's what you need to make these time saving and good looking travel accessories:a thick rubber leather punch surface (a piece of wood will work too!)a cutting matregular hammerletter punch set (I got mine at a flea market, but ebay has oodles to choose from)craft scissorsexacto knifesmall cookie cutter circlestag pattern pdf*pencil24" metal rulerOops!
I work at an airport on the baggage conveyor system and I can assure you that nobody steals these things.
All of these items were found in the scrapbook sections of Michael's Craft Store and Target as well as paper section of Office Depot.
A handheld slot punch can be used to punch your own slots in luggage tag pouches that don’t include a slot. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 for any help or recommendations on making custom luggage tags. If you know how to type in a word document, you can use this template -? it?’s that easy! Punch the hole about three quarters of an inch from the right and left and a quarter of an inch from the top. Cynthia uses her experience and genuine passion, to inspire brides who are planning their dream wedding away from home. Using the boarding pass template(PM me you e-mail address if you'd like the template)  design you layout using fonts, colors and clip art that correspond with your theme. Cut each page of the pass out using the paper trimmer or scissors (one sheet gives you three passes).

The luggage tags themselves can be easily printed on just about any laser or inkjet printer.
You can also use a slot punch to punch slots in non luggage tag size pouches for custom size luggage tags. It coordinates with the Celebrate the Journey Paper collection, artwork in many other collections and with HCPC 3597 Luggage and Sentiments PreCut Set.Get ready to pack your bags with this innovative Luggage and Tag Die. There are several templates available online.  Once printed, cut them out using a pair of scissors or a paper cutter.
In order to laminate it, you will need both a pouch laminator and luggage tag laminating pouches.
Because they are laminated, they are weather proof and hold up well with continued wear and tear. We will issue a full refund (including return postage costs) or a replacement at no additional cost.

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