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Wednesday, August 6, 2014Finding out you have picked up the wrong luggage from the carousel when you reach your destination is one of the more common travel mishaps and can lead to a stressful time. Our top 10 tips will help to ensure that your luggage is easily discernible from you fellow travellers. By far the 2 most popular luggage colours are black and red, if you avoid these colours then you will vastly reduce the number of other suitcases on the carousel that look like yours.
Luggage straps are extendable strip of tough fabric and give added security to your suitcase and prevent your belongings from spilling out if your case is damaged.
One of the most common ways to identify your luggage is to tie a piece or pieces of ribbon around one or both of the suitcase handles, it is a cheap method and works very well, especially if you pick several different colours to make your own unique sequence of colours. You might think that duct tape is only used on luggage in emergencies when it has been damaged during transit however it can also be used to identify your bag.
If you have artistic flare then your suitcase might be a good vehicle to show off your skills with the added benefit of creating a unique piece of luggage. Bumper stickers are a great way to personalise your luggage, you can pick a humorous one, something you like or a shout out to your home town. You may have a favourite old scarf or bandanna that is getting to tatty to where, give it some extra life by turning it into identification for your luggage. Iron on patches are designed for clothing however who’s to say you can’t iron them on your fabric suitcase or bag? If you have any suggestions for other ways to identify your luggage please let us know in the comments below.

Congrats this article has been picked by the editorial team at Paperblog as a featured article for our travel section. Hi Tracey, Thanks for your tip, perhaps one of the luggage brands will read this and come out with a range of horrible designs! To identify my luggage I created a stencil of our family crest and then used fabric safe spray paint, it looks great on my suitcases and they are easy to spot now. These lockable personalised luggage straps are easy to use and are fully adjustable to fit around any bag or suitcase.
After seeing unlockable straps in various catalogues, I searched online and found these lockable straps at a much better price! We already had one of these straps which has served well in practical use, we like the simple clear design, the locking feature on the clasp helps make it less likely to open accidentally. I was at the top of the stairs and saw my case on the carousel, with my name on, grabbed it and got my train home in time, no waiting for cases to pass by, I spotted it immediately!
Description: Be able to spot your luggage quickly and prevent accidental openings with this heavy-duty, 2" wide, 100% polyester luggage strap. Description: Before your next trip make sure to secure all your luggage with this sturdy 72" luggage strap. Patterns, print and pictures can all be found on the wide variety of luggage available these days, you can even buy personalized luggage with your own picture transferred onto the suitcase ( a recent start up Ugo Bags is doing just that). The side benefit is that they are available in many different colours allowing them to act as a way to identify your luggage.age straps are extendable strip of tough fabric and give added security to your suitcase and prevent your belongings from spilling out if your case is damaged.

You can either use the whole thing or cut it down to size if t’s too large and then tie it around the handle of your suitcase or bag. No chance of anyone mistakenly walking off with it and if they did I would spot them a mile off! Includes a name tag so you can identify your luggage quickly and comes in 4 different colors.
The TSA luggage key lock strap features constructor technology ensuring that once the strap has been tightened around your luggage it cannot be loosened. This 2 way strap secures your baggage in two directions ensuring there will be no accidental opening in transit. One of the major brands producing bright and colourful luggage is American Tourister with their Prismo range. Our personalised luggage Straps are available in either red or blue strap, both with white lettering. Backside imprint will not line up with the front side, meaning the back side of each lanyard will be unique. The straps are 3cm wide, and 180cm in length, with a sliding buckle to make them shorter as required.

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