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February 8, 2014 by Deirdre Michalski 2 Comments Rooten’s Luggage Store is a mecca for anyone who likes to travel. I had attended their Saturday Seminar, it was one of the Salespeople or Managers who had led the class. These Showrooms carry the entire Samsonite product range encompassing suitcases, upright trolley cases, laptop bags, beauty packs, back packs to travel accessories.
The company is a major vendor of market leading brands, and as the UK’s #1 airport luggage retailer has taken the initiative to redevelop its busy luggage stores, with what is effectively a total rebrand, with a new look and feel, which will appeal to airports in terms of both airside and landside luggage retail. The company’s success lies in its ability to offer multiple services, and to spread costs across a wide range of complementary offers. The company shortly thereafter became Heathrow’s main supplier of Left Baggage services, whilst at the same time expanding its operations to other major airports and onto the rail network.
The first of Excess Baggage’s new stores opened recently in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, and has been a major success story with an immediate uplift in sales approaching 50%. Today, Excess offers well over 20 different services to Airports, grouped into three main areas.
Excess is enjoying a significant level of expansion this year with a large number of new outlets opening in its rail network to satisfy demand associated with the London 2012 Olympic Games, as well as a range of new airport locations. Don't miss out on the latest news from ACI EUROPE Airport Business - receive our newsletter straight to your inbox when new content is published. Airport News - Including reports on the latest strategic, operational and political viewpoints from all of the world's Airports, Airlines and Governmental Authorities. Special Editions - Exclusive access to our special reports which detail how airport operators have approached major expansion projects. Conference Updates - Receive all the latest news on conference developments from ACI EUROPE as well as notifications of Early Booking Discount deadlines.

Our stores have a huge range of branded and stylish handbags at discounted prices from Radley, Tula and Jane Shilton plus a wide selection of jewellery and soft accessories to complete the look, all at up to 70% of the RRP.
Get carried away in store with our luggage and executive bag collection – everything from suitcases, holdalls, rucksacks and travel accessories, from leading names like Antler, Tripp and Skyflite. Samsonite Black Label Boutique at Al Hamra Luxury Center (Kuwait) with a total size of 188 square meters, will be certified as the largest luggage store in Asia, on October 8, 2012, in Al Hamra Luxury Center (Kuwait).
The schedule for upcoming Seminars include the following dates: March 1, April 5, May 10, and June 7. I wandered in there this past weekend and spotted this gorgeous jacket that was reversible, with a hood, and a matching bag. The Samsonite Classic stores carry the full range of Samsonite products while the Samsonite Black Label is an upmarket destination carrying the full Black label series along with selected lines from the Samsonite classic range. Excess has always been one of the leading airport travel goods retailers, outselling all of its rivals through its busy outlets on the concourses of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, as well as on major rail stations. The first of the new stores opened recently in Heathrow’s modern Terminal 5, and has been a major success story with an immediate uplift in sales approaching 50%.
Expansion in the domestic market is progressing alongside overseas opportunities in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.
50-70,000 pieces of British Airways baggage a day travel through 11 miles of conveyor belts which were installed in a 5-storey underground hall beneath the 400m (a quarter of a mile) length of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.
They listen to what you are looking for, at any price point, and try to help you find the perfect solution. The speakers have developed the content (from experience) and deliver fantastic presentations meant to inspire, inform and help travelers of all ages. The speakers show you how to pack a week’s worth of clothing by just using one small Eagle’s Creek folding envelope.

This was going home with me for sure, and so it did!  They had pants, and tops and hats and all kinds of items that were made with travel and easy care in mind. Targeting the distinguished customers looking for unique design along with quality, both categories of showrooms serves the travel requirements of all professionals on the move. As the company continues to roll out its new look stores, it believes that it is well on the way to firmly establishing itself as the UK’s market leader, and a major player in the airport luxury travel goods market.
Here we see items of luggage spending 4 hours in transit, held in a fully-automated parking lot for bags. And with the weight restrictions now in play, all these tricks really do help make the experience easier. Has made a huge difference for me and both times I attended I brought friends who travel and they too were really glad they came along!
Computers decide when to fish the item out and re-introduce it into the system and load it on to the appropriate aircraft.
From the latest in shoe cubes, to plastic containers for getting through the security line quickly, they have so many ideas to share. The system was designed by an integrated team from the airport operator BAA, BA and Vanderlande Industries of the Netherlands, and handles both intra-terminal and inter-terminal luggage.

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