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Storage London - Storage London covers infomation about Storage services in London area, including Self Storage Units, Document Storage, Furtniture Storage, Student Storage, and lists of facilities around London area. Luggage Storage London, aka Left Luggage, is offered generaly at some Airports, Train and Bus Stations. So, you are looking for a place to leave your heavy bags while you do some lightweight travelling. Baggage carts are small vehicles used for transport luggage in airports, railway stations or large bus stations. This FREE guide is our simple introduction to self storage; the, why, what and how of making more room - for yourself, your family, your business, your stuff. If you're visiting London and need somewhere to store your luggage, baggage, cases, trunks, belongings or even business equipment - a self storage locker at one of ABC Selfstore's central London locations could be the answer.
People need stuff whilst they travel, so there’s a whole lot of luggage being dragged around London. Whilst most guest houses and Hotels have bag drop facilities, there are times when they aren’t convenient or can’t offer the capacity you need. Our left luggage storage lockers provide safe, secure space that you can rent by the day to keep your things in whilst you’re in London.

For example - storing 4 bags for 5 days at a major transport hub at the typical rate of ?8 a day - you'd pay a total of ?160.
On top of that our price promise guarantees we’ll match any like-for-like quote, so you’re completely assured of the best value.
With storage facilities in Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth, we’ve got some great locations serving some of London’s best destinations. Lockers are subject to availability and prices are dependent on locker size required, store location and seasonal demand - so it’s good to book and ensure you’ve reserved your space.
You can check availability and book online or call your chosen store and speak to one of our friendly team to reserve your unit. Hostels have luggage storage London facilities usually, but they are normally for short term, say 1 day.
All sorts of people come here for all sorts of reasons - from a student who’s here for short term study, the tourist who’s here to see the sights, or the businessman or woman who is here for a conference, trade-show or meeting. Backpacks, flight-cases, suitcases, handbags, business equipment, you name it, people will be carrying it.
The main alternative - left luggage services at the major transport hubs - is a costly solution.

If your business is attending one our storage can make the perfect basecamp for your equipment - pre and post event.
We rent space based on square footage, so you can fill your locker with as many bags, boxes, or containers as you can fit - and you’ll still pay one price. As well as being able to store as many bags as you can fit in, our left-luggage lockers are cheaper, starting at less than ?2 a day. It’s not something that happens by accident - it’s in the makeup of our business ethos and the members of our team. Perhaps you’re leaving some of your belongings here whilst you travel light round Europe, or you’re exhibiting stock to a potential client and need somewhere. It’s a cost-effective way to provide short term space in London that you can use to store just about anything to do with your business. From example stock that you’ll be showing off at that imminent pitch to a big retailer, to conference display equipment including framework, graphics panels, lighting and your printed literature.

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