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Rubberized luggage tags in the playful and fun shape of a flip flop, complete with a modern white bubble patterned design and in four colors (blue, yellow, pink and orange – easy-to-see and fun!) with an adorable starfish embellishment at its center.
Welcome to Luggage Sets Online Discount Superstore featuring Samsonite, Heys, American Tourister, International Traveler, American Flyer plus designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Pierre Cardin and over 50 Luggage set companies offering over 300 luggage sets.
Click on a specific set's "more info" button to view a larger photo and more information or click on the "buy now" to reach the page for that particular luggage set at the vendor you selected. The new for 2011 Fazzino Collection by Heys is a great pick for you if you are an art lover and want to show that off. An individual who has purchased the reviewed item from our company and submitted their review using a process that verifies purchase history. The full manufacturer's warranty from Heys is only valid when the Heys Fazzino Collection 4 Piece Sets is purchased from an Internet Authorized Dealer. To perform a new search or narrow your selections use the search box or use the advanced search.

You actually "buy" the set only once you add your selected luggage set to your shopping cart at your chosen vendor and pay for the set. With 4 different designs to chose from, you are able to pick your favorite piece and travel with it around the world.
We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer's best price on the Heys Fazzino Collection 4 Piece Sets. The back of the flip flop has a clear plastic window-covered slot for the easy insertion of the included blank luggage tag with fields to be completed for Name, Address and Telephone Number.
If you're looking at just an information bar with the set's name and best price you can open it up to see more information and a photo by clicking on the + button. These pieces feature a polycarbonate composite with a high gloss finish and is frameless with a chrome trolley system handle. If you're looking at all photos and wish to close a set you have no interest in pressing the + button will close the photo and extra information.

Never lose any of your belongings in an airport again as these cases have a built-in 3-digit TSA lock system. To show all photos change the "Show Details" menu to "Show All" to remove all photos adjust "Show Details" menu to "Hide All".
If you have too many choices and want to narrow you search put additional parameters in the search box or use the advanced search.

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