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There are many different types of travel luggage, but one of the most important features is whether the luggage is soft or hard. Hard luggage is now made out of sturdy yet lightweight materials; however, hard luggage is much heavier than soft luggage of the same size. Most airlines only allow 44-50 pounds (20-23 kilograms) of checked luggage and charge for any amount over this. The durability of luggage varies drastically depending on the material it is made out of and its construction. Hard luggage is less likely to get scratched than soft luggage, but once it does get scratched, it is more noticeable. If rolling, hard luggage gets dented, it can affect the way that the wheels roll or even prevent the luggage from closing properly. Air travelers should note that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has guidelines about locked luggage. When it comes to accessibility of luggage contents, soft luggage prevails over hard luggage. Hard luggage is easier to clean than soft luggage simply because it can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
Soft luggage does not always have wheels but, because it is lighter than hard luggage, it can be easier to lift.
Many factors can affect the price of luggage, including the brand name, size, material it is made of, style, and extra features.
The features of hard luggage are combined with those of soft luggage when purchasing hybrid luggage. These combinations mean that the luggage offers more protection against impact while still being lightweight and providing the traveler with features like expandability and exterior pockets. The process of buying luggage can be confusing because there are so many different factors which can affect the suitability of the luggage for travel, the durability of the luggage, and the price of the luggage. Your choice of luggage depends on numerous factors, such as personal preferences and mode of travel. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para prestar nuestros servicios y mostrar publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias.Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Aunque aun no hemos jubilado este 2013, ya estoy planificando el viaje que me voy a dar con la Adventure el proximo 2014 para la KDD y viendo como mejorar la capacidad de carga de la moto. Pero no hay problema, a mi no me gustan los imanes y llevo una con cinchas, rapido de quitar y poner para echar gasolina por ejemplo. Una sobre deposito de esas de varios pisos tragan lo suyo, yo lo elegiria antes que poner mas peso atras. Ya dije que me tachariais de colgao,pero no nos has visto ni a mi mano ni a mi y como llevabamos la V este ano. Para montar sobre las maletas laterales podria valerte cualquier cosa asegurada con pulpos, pero si que hay cosillas mas especificas. Soft Sided Luggage – Soft sided luggage appears to be the clear favorite coming into this debate. The Verdict – Although everyone has their own opinions, I think that for most recreational travelers, soft sided luggage is still the winner.

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Soft luggage is typically made of high-denier nylon or other durable material-like leather. A typical 29" hard-shell suitcase will weigh at least 15 pounds, whereas a typical soft-sided suitcase of the same size will weigh just about half of that weight. Hard luggage offers better security because a thief could simply cut through soft luggage to get at the contents inside.
Airport security officials have the right to open locked luggage, even if it means breaking the lock in the process. Soft luggage usually has outside pockets where travelers can put items they need quick access to or where they can stuff last-minute items. This can be very useful when the luggage needs to be transported through tight spaces like when traveling by train. So long as the contents are well packed, the rigid exterior of the hard luggage will keep fragile items inside the luggage from getting nicked or broken.
In general though, a piece of high-quality hard luggage is going to cost more than a similarly sized piece of high-quality soft luggage.
Make sure that the luggage will be able to carry all of your travel items and can also fit in your means of travel (air, car, etc.). Extra features, like locks and expandability, will typically cost extra but may be worth the additional expense.
You can browse through hard and soft luggage by going to the Travel page and then selecting Luggage. By educating yourself about the differences between soft and hard luggage and the options available, you can be sure to get the best luggage for your needs. Our community supports passionate wanderlovers (yes, it's love, not lust) who trust each other and share their opinions.
Hard luggage is made from a sturdy material such as polypropylene, polycarbonate, or aluminum. By contrast, hard luggage must be completely opened in order to get to the contents or add extra items.
Most hard luggage is also waterproof and will protect contents against the elements like rain or snow. Hard-sided luggage does tend to last longer than soft luggage, so the cost ends up about the same in the long run. Frequent travelers may find it in their best interest to pay more for quality luggage rather than buy cheap luggage which might need to be replaced often.
For hard luggage, look for luggage made from polycarbonate, since this is the strongest material yet still very light. From there, you can narrow down results by doing a keyword search or by using the filters to refine results by New Luggage, Used Luggage, and price. While the travel industry certainly seems to have strayed toward soft-sided luggage, there is still a good proportion of hard sided luggage users out there. However, if you would consider yourself a professional traveler, or travel with fragile items, then hard sided luggage is more appropriate due to its longevity and durability.

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Both hard and soft luggage have features which make them each more appropriate for certain situations.
This is especially true if the hard luggage is not completely full and something heavy is stacked on top of it.
Another favorable point about soft luggage is that it is easier to fit into overhead airplane compartments, whereas hard, carry-on luggage might not fit in these compartments. However, collapsible, soft luggage has the advantage of taking up less space when in storage. When buying luggage on eBay, always be sure to buy from a reputable seller so you can feel confident that you will have a good shopping experience. Most simply prefer the durability of a hard plastic shell, as well as the reassurance of knowing their fragile items are going to stay safe and sound. Because of all these durability factors, if you often travel with expensive electronics or fragile items, a hard sided suitcase is really the only surefire way to protect your things. With hard luggage, the amount of items which can be packed is limited by the dimensions of the luggage. These locks can be easily opened by airport security with a master key so the lock and luggage is not destroyed.
Since luggage often undergoes intensive abuse and wear during travel, the possibility exists that it might not be a good idea to pay a high price for designer brands of luggage. I’m going to take a more in-depth look at both sides and see if we can conclude which is truly the superior luggage. One, like I said in the hard sided section, it offer more packing flexibility, so you can cram more stuff into little nooks and crannies. Secondly, soft sided suitcases usually offer a number of different pockets and compartments. Additionally, hard sided suitcases are not as “packing friendly” as their soft sided counterparts.
Would you list the complete urls of all your community sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile? What I mean is, hard sided suitcases are not as flexible, and therefore give you more limited packing space. While you may be able to stuff that extra beach towel into your soft luggage, hard sided luggage is not so forgiving. The most common misconception about hard sided luggage is that it weights more than its soft sided counter parts. While this may be true if you compare it to a duffel bag, the reality is that with such advanced polymers and plastics, soft and hard sided luggage weight relatively the same amount.

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