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Last month, I reviewed the Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac, a space-saving bag that compresses its contents by allowing air to be pushed out from inside the bag.
You can buy packing folders and cubes, toiletry kits, and shoe bags from virtually any travel supply store. I have packing cubes that I use for things like shoes, things that need to stay separate (like my children’s clothes), etc. Plastic zip lock bags come in all sizes and work just as well, plus they are clear and you can see what’s inside. I place my husband’s dress shirts and ties in the folders, but almost everything else goes into compression bags.
When I was a teenager, I remember I used to learn how to sew while sewing my packing bags with some old pieces of fabrics (old colorful sheets, or tee-shirts for example).
NEW INVENTORY!-Luggage Packing Cubes, Tough Nylon and Mesh Packing Cubes- durable and light-weight to secure your items in place and flexible enough for accommodation, handle your stuff and fit into your traveling bags. Packing Cubes With BRAND NEW STRONG ZIPPERS that won’t snap on you and come apart when pulled. My real suitcase usually looks like a raccoon’s been rifling through it, and I often lose things like jewelry or toiletries within the rumples of my balled-up clothes.

These serve to separate your provisions into manageable compartments, and prevent wrinkles and spills.
These keep things organized, and I roll my shirts and pants so they are like sausages inside and stay unwrinkled. We used four compression bags to pack for our 14 day CruiseTour and a 3 day add-on after the cruise and had no wrinkles along the way. For shoes, I mostly pack them separately (in separate plastic bags) so that they can be fit anywhere.
Unique and Exclusive non-cracking, Easy to clean, Dirt-Proof, Smooth Interior and Liquid-Proof Travel Packing Cubes Nylon Material!
The bag did what it was supposed to do: it squashed a large pile of clothes into a tight, heavy chunk of clothes, creating a good deal of extra space in my suitcase. We recommend these products for travelers embarking on multi-destination itineraries that involve lots of unpacking and repacking.
I’ve heard they are good for dirty laundry, but I have a bit of a concern about odors. But when I arrived in my destination, my clothes were, as I had suspected, very prune-like.

I keep every bag and wallet I have had for years, because not everything works for every kind of trip so I can pick and choose what works each time. And while the compression sack makes clothes less voluminous, it certainly won’t help you beat airline weight limits for baggage. Although packing cubes and kits promote organization, they won’t help you fit more stuff into your bag. I keep some clothes just for travel and my electronics in a separate bag always at the ready.
Imagine all your camera or electronic equip neatly prepared and ready to drop into your carry-on.

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