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Maxlite 3 has been replaced by Maxlite 4 and is being cleared at special prices whilst stocks last! Maxlite 3 brings amazing innovation to our ultra-ligtweight collection of 4 wheel Spinners and 2 wheel Rollaboard luggage. Combined with flexible packing options and stylish accents, Maxlite 3 has the look and feel of top-of-the range luggage without the hefty price tag PLUS it's ligfhter than ever and every piece is backed by Travelpro's reassuring Lifetime Warranty.
We thought this would be worth sharing as we have gone through a lot (way too much) of luggage! All 4 wheel Spinners come with the patented Contour Grip on the retractable handle, plus a unique expansion design and customised integral full bottom tray for maximum stability. We mention this here because we’re big advocates of hitting the international Disney theme parks, and if you go on these trips, you will (hopefully) be seeing their respective cities as well, and you might not think of the burden of having checked bags. Travel expert Rick Steves turned us on to the idea, and we totally agree with his philosophy and rationale.This same sentiment is true with a lot of destinations within the United States, but Walt Disney World is not one of them. This philosophy encompasses not just your carry-on roller bag, but also your personal item.
As I’m big into photography, my personal item is a camera bag, and my carry-on contains a backpack camera, tripod, and other photography trinkets.
So already, a lot of my space is reserved for photography equipment, and I still manage to do it. This doesn’t mean only taking one pair of underwear and wearing the same stuff over and over (I pack clothes for every day, and that usually includes dress clothes and shoes).

It may not be practical for parents or those with special circumstances, but for most people, it is possible. In fact, whether you check these bags or carry them onto the plane really doesn’t make a huge difference (although we prefer carrying them on). Checked bag fees have made people try to carry-on everything possible, inconveniencing them at the airport. My first purchase was a Tumi Alpha Carry-on, which was ridiculously expensive, but I had read that Tumi bags have a lifetime warranty (they recently changed this and no longer offer that warranty) and I had heard good things from other travelers.After a little over a year of using this bag, I became dissatisfied with it. I felt it wasn’t as well-built as the price would have suggested, and I highly doubted it would last years.
In Tumi’s defense, we took it into their local store and they fixed all superficial problems with the bag.
The brand that kept coming up in discussions of luggage was TravelPro, which is supposedly the top brand of luggage used by flight crews. After a lot of reading, I narrowed my decision to the Travelpro FlightCrew4 or the Travelpro Crew 9. According to what I read, the only downsides were that it was heavier and didn’t look as nice.
I decided to bite the bullet and order from there, and I couldn’t be happier with the suitcase. The thing is built like a nylon tank, and all at less than one-third the cost of the inferior Tumi (with the only downside being that the FlightCrew4 is also the suitcase equivalent of a tank in terms of weight).

I’d say get the FlightCrew4 if higher build-quality is more important, and get the Travelpro Crew 9 if weight and looks are more important.
I didn’t see either of these bags in person, just throwing them out there as they receive a lot of online praise. I realize everyone’s needs and budget are different, and not everyone needs something built like a tank. I always carry a LowePro Flipside 300 camera bag as my personal item (if you plan on doing the same, here are my recommendations for those). If you want a tote, my recommendation would be to get whatever one goes with the suitcase you purchase.
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