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Luggage Sitter allows you to lock your suitcase to an armrest or railing when you need to take a nap or use the airport’s bathroom. Although luggage deposit services are provided in many airports, very few passengers are keen to go through the long deposit procedure when they simply want to go the bathroom or take a nap. If you would like more information about the concept you have just seen, please drop us a line. Delivering the slick, understated style required by today’s jet-setting (or road-tripping) businessperson, this trolley case has wheels based on Carrera S rims. American Tourister mixes up reliability, maneuverability and quirky style with this colorful new range featuring stamp motifs which resemble the ones you get in your passport at immigration. Tough and light with a modern look, this number from arguably the biggest name in luggage now comes in Champagne gold.

Strictly for loaded ladies, this glistening rouge fauviste piece will get you more attention than any sashaying stewardess. With your check-in baggage sorted, don’t forget about what to carry onboard with you. What to do with one’s luggage in such instances is a particular problem for those who are travelling alone. This old-school rucksack is spacious and perfectly suited for throwing in your essentials and heading out for a day of exploring your destination. When needed, the handle can be pulled out from the retracting framework, folded over, and locked onto the framework.
Flexible cords, which connect the handle and framework, can secure the suitcase to an armrest or similar structure.

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