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The official blog of Jeremy Hackett, founder and chairman of British designer menswear company Hackett London. I'm off on holiday to West Wittering in Sussex for a few days - actually it's more of a working holiday, as I'm combining it with our summer brochure photo shoot. The founder and chairman of celebrated British designer menswear company Hackett London, bringing you the best in style advice and clothing etiquette.
American Tourister by Samsonite Genoa Spinner Luggage Trolley, New season range from American Tourister featuring an extra lightweight case available in either upright pull along or four wheeler spinner. Smart Canucks is Canada's first Canadian shopping deals blog and has been operating since 2006! Make a statement and travel in style with the Rockland Luggage Camo 4 Piece Rolling Luggage Set. Packing for my sojourn is easy: I just throw a few polo shirts, linen shirts, shorts and boat shoes into my well-worn canvas holdall and I'm done, adding at the last minute a waterproof jacket (because it may rain) and a couple of sweaters (because it's bound to be cold). Designed to make traveling easier, this luggage set includes three expandable upright pieces and one flight tote bag in a matching pattern.
But when it comes to packing for a business trip halfway across the world, it is a different matter entirely, as I need to take my suits, jackets, proper shoes and numerous shirts and ties with me - invariably I find that I pack too much kit.
Crafted from heavy duty polyester with PVC backing, each piece also has a fully lined interior with an elegantly imprinted lining.
Fortunately, I own a couple of large and battered Globe-Trotter trunks which pretty much accommodate my entire wardrobe. The upright pieces have two front, full-size zipper-secured pockets as well as three internal organizational pockets. Department of Transportation reported a mishandled bag rate of 6.04 per 1,000 passengers, a 23 percent jump over the previous year. I have always admired the Globe-Trotter range as it is solid, reliable and well-made holiday luggage. The cases are constructed from a vulcanised board which is so tough it's reputed that the lid of the case can withstand the weight of an elephant's foot!
The bottom stability bars help to prevent tilting so you don't have to worry about your luggage falling over while you're pulling it.

And that was before emergency restrictions were imposed on carry-ons in response to a terrorism plot this summer, further taxing airline baggage systems.
What I find so appealing about these suitcases is that they are so understated and discreet. I particularly like the smart deco chrome locks that fasten with a reassuring click as smooth as the closing of Aston Martin's doors. I recently had the opportunity to work with Globe-Trotter on an exclusive range of designer luggage for Hackett, which has proved so popular that I shall continue to collaborate with them for next season. Your Rockland luggage is easily distinguishable from other bags at the baggage carousel, and it's easy to maneuver through busy airports.
At the end of the month I am going to India on business, and on my travels there if I get trampled on by rampaging elephants, I can at least be assured that my Globe-Trotter luggage will remain intact. Oversize luggage (more than 62 linear inches) will cost you $80 to $100, and if your bag is both overweight and oversize, you'll pay both penalties. Bottom line: Buy a lightweight suitcase, so you don't sacrifice 35 percent of your allotment on the bag alone.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advises travelers not to lock bags so screeners can efficiently open them for additional screening, if necessary.
Travelers can use TSA-approved locks that screeners can open without damage, or any lock for that matter, with the understanding that it will be cut off if their luggage needs a closer look. If you think your bag has been opened but there's no note, it may not have been the work of the TSA; inventory your possessions. There's another, less sinister possibility: Automated luggage-handling machinery can also snap off luggage locks (as well as zipper pulls, wheels, and handles). Use approved locks to minimize hassles or, for a disposable option, use plastic zip ties, available at hardware stores.Where Valuables Go Dr.
But he had too many carry-ons and at the last minute decided to tuck his camera bag into his checked luggage. Bottom line: At press time, it is unclear whether new carry-on restrictions limiting hand luggage on certain flights will become permanent.
But if carry-on rules change, airline compensation for lost valuables won't, at least not in the near future.

Better yet, leave them at home.Delayed LuggageAirlines normally reimburse travelers for expenses if their luggage is delayed.
But reimbursement is typically limited to $25 a day (some carriers allow $50 the first day), up to a maximum of $125 to $150, and travelers must present receipts. Airlines consider the so-called residual value of purchases such as clothing, usually giving you just half of what you spent, with the idea that you'll get years of use out of those tacky T-shirts you had to buy when your luggage didn't make it. Don't rely on vague assurances from baggage-office agents, who are not the final arbiters on settlements. When you're left empty-handed at the luggage carousel and file a lost-luggage report, you'll start with the basics: What kind of suitcase is missing, the bag's contents, your name and contact information. If you're imagining an Indiana Jones-like warehouse filled with identical black roller bags, it's not far from reality. There, employees open each suitcase and inventory everything they contain, right down to the number, size, color, and brand names of socks, all the while searching for some clue to the owner's identity. The system searches through coded inventories and comes up with weighted probabilities of a match, so baggage center workers can compare lost-luggage reports with what's actually there and, hopefully, reunite passengers with their bags.
They may offer some relief if they misplace your bag, such as toiletry kits, free dry cleaning, and shipboard credits.
Companies such as Luggage Forward, Skycap International, the Luggage Club, Sports Express, and Luggage Express will pick up your suitcases (or golf clubs, surfboard, skis, or scuba gear) at your home or office and deliver them to your hotel, condo, or even cruise ship.
If your bags are destined for a remote spot, ask if price quotes include all charges such as taxes and fuel. Bottom line: Shipping is a convenient option and prices can be comparable in certain situations.

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