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20" ABS+PC Mirrored Plastic Luggage Case with TSA Lock, Includes Courier Service at $58 (Worth $104). Modern technology and innovative design has made hard-sided luggage easier and cheaper to make.
Nowadays you can get similarly durable, lightweight, and priced, soft and hard-sided luggage. Hard-sided luggage though still offers the best protection while soft-sided luggage offers more flexibility (can be expandable with external pockets, etc).
The most popular luggage fabric for soft-sided suitcases and bags are ballistic nylon, cordura and polyester.
Cordura weighs slightly less than ballistic nylon and takes dye easily, meaning you have much more color choices.
The best indicator of the durability of fabric material is the denier rating as it tells you the fiber thickness of the fabric. For larger and much used luggage, you should look for something in the 500 a€“ 2,000 denier range. Polycarbonate is molded type of thermoplastic polymers and is very popular material for hard luggage. Another important benefit of polycarbonate as luggage material is how impact resistant it is.

Polypropylene, or polypropene, is also type of thermoplastic polymer and the lightest of all the thermoplastic products, making it ideal material for any lightweight luggage range. The following table ranks the main features for the most popular materials on the market today in ascending order, i.e. We have chosen few examples of what we consider some of the best soft and hard-sided luggage on the market today. Step 2By purchasing your Groupon and providing your name, email address and mailing address at the payment page, you have already ordered your item(s).
Leather is for example extremely durable but it is heavy while nylon is lighter but still quite durable. Our soft or hard-sided luggage guide will help you to decide which type of luggage is the right one for your travel needs. The nylon fabrics (ballistic and cordura) are frequently used in top quality soft luggage, while polyester is the most popular fabric for the cheaper luggage ranges. However, they are expensive and therefore increasingly being replaced by other less expensive hard materials.
Upon impact, the material flexes to absorb the impact and then flexes back to its original shape, making polycarbonate luggage extremely resilient to rough handling.
Polypropylene is great choice for those travelers that want good protection in as lightweight form as possible.

This luggage case features a keyless TSA lock for users, who can secure their luggage using the built-in number combination lock.
Your luggage can be made from as different materials as polyester, aluminum, ballistic nylon, polycarbonate, leather, polypropylene, etc. Its' ability to resist abrasion and tearing makes ballistic nylon popular material for luggage that has to be able to withstand considerable beating. For example, ballistic nylon and cordura nylon are always superior to polyester in fabric quality.
The aluminum suitcases are at the top of the range (durability, price), followed by polycarbonate, polypropylene and ABS. It is also the cheapest hard material, meaning it is popular in the cheaper hard-sided luggage ranges. The combined material is more durable than ABS on its own but also lighter and cheaper than polycarbonate on its own. However, the first thing to decide is if you should go for soft or hard external luggage material.

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