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This duo pack of luggage locks from Korjo, is accompanied with a set of 3 keys, so that you do not have to panic in an emergency situation, even if you misplace one of them. READY-eSUPPORT Para ayuda en vivo, haga clic en "Live Help Desk", nuestros especialistas estara con usted en linea dentro de poco. It's entirely understandable that the TSA would want to have its own "brand" of approved locks. Sadly, that's exactly what happened: last month, a photo of TSA master keys was accidentally published by the Washington Post.
While the leaked designs do represent a serious breech in policy, the TSA-approved locks were never known for being all that secure. At this point, it's hard to tell if anything will come of the 3D-printable designs: the TSA-approved locks are far from a universal system, and it's not as if modern airports are lax when it comes to security.

The lock features a solid brass case and pin tumbler with stainless steel springs, designed with precision engineering to ensure maximum safety. It's a simple concept: give the TSA a shortcut into a luggage lock in case the need for an inspection arises. While the picture was removed within minutes, that's more than enough time for the Internet to grab it — and now, we're seeing the results of that one picture. With these plans, anyone who has a 3D printer or a computer-controlled mill can reproduce exact copies of the TSA's master keys. At the very least, the TSA will likely change its key and lock designs soon — though they should probably update their photography policies as well. An added advantage of this impeccable lock is that when matched to the duopacks, any quantity of locks can be keyed alike so that you can take just one key for all the locks that you require, thereby making your travel completely hassle free. It makes a lot of sense, especially if you don't want to be stuck in line while an officer fumbles with a luggage lock. Please contact the nearest service centre or the customer care centre of the manufacturer with the invoice or warranty card (in case product is still under the warranty period) and your purchase will get covered under manufacturer warranty.

However, the problem with a master key is that it only takes one to open everything — and in today's Internet-centric world, it doesn't take long for one thing to become many.
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