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If getting in line with ICAO is a TSA goal then why are we still removing shoes and submitting to electronic strip searches? So--has the Tsa ever found anything explosive, or detonators, or anything capable of bringing down an aircraft. To those who do not like TSA's new rule, are really so afraid of a little knife or whiffle bat or a golf club?
Anyone with any knowledge of airline security can tell you it is simply a false sence of security to a great degree. Lifting these restrictions is sensible (though I, too, wonder why someone traveling with golf clubs would have only two of them). I agree that this makes little sense and that those things do not need to be carried on board. Honestly, I have been reading the comments and alot of people have been saying "Toys such as bats, hockey sticks, and such should be chekced only. Passengers travelling on aircraft with 19 or less seats will be required to check-in all baggage, no carry-on baggage will be allowed other than small, soft handbags. Items such as wheelchairs, crutches or prosthetics required by special needs passengers may be carried in the aircraft hold at no extra charge, providing the passenger has notified Airnorth prior to making their booking. The carrier accepts no liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to any baggage resulting from the inherent defect quality or vice of goods carried or for loss of or damage to registered baggage not collected by the passenger within a period of twelve hours after the arrival of the aircraft at destination. In response to various threats - including those posed by liquid explosives - security arrangements have been reinforced. Liquids are only allowed in carry-on baggage if they are in containers up to 100ml in capacity and these containers are put in a one-litre, re-sealable transparent plastic bag. Having carry-on liquids organised in the plastic bag before arriving at the security screening point will minimise delays and disruption.
Medicines in limited quantities and alcoholic beverages may be carried in checked baggage or cabin baggage- maximum two litres or two kilos.
Passengers may carry on board prescription medicines where the name on the medicine matches the name on the boarding pass.
In addition, any person passing through an international screening point may be subject to a frisk search (this selection occurs randomly). This stunning carry-on combines references to the glory days of travel ? including exquisite leathers, brass and hardwood trims ? with space-age materials such as carbon fibre and clever design. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Jekyll and Hide team are renowned for creating beautiful leather items, designed for everyday use.
It is both a casual and fully functional business item, with laptop and tablet compartments, as well as an amazing organizational space for cables, clothing etc.
This compact wheeled carry-on is expandable, is the best sold model from TUMI and ideal for short trips.
With a 30-year history of creating superior products for discerning professionals and frequent travelers, TUMI is recognized as the world’s leading brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. Inside there are three different sized pockets, one large, one medium, and one small, adding organization to the bag. This compact, wheeled, carry-on is designed for those who travel domestically and internationally.
Meet Trunkster ? the world?s most revolutionary intelligent luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and GPS. Trunkster is making a huge splash in the international press by approaching nearly half a million dollars with over a month left in itscrowdfunding campaign, where it is pre-selling its carry-on and checked Trunksters at discounted prices. The Overnighter from Paul Magi, developed and tested over a period of 18 months, is designed as the perfect bag to accompany a trip away. It is sized to comply with all major international airline hand luggage restrictions, including the low cost carriers, whilst also being comfortable to carry over or across the shoulder.
10 of the best places to stay in Europe this Spring : Why wait until Summer to get away this year? I was sitting in row 8 in an aeroplane when boarding on a plane back home from Bali few weeks ago, and many passengers were busying loading their hand luggage in the overhead bin and hogging the way of other passengers who are looking for their respective seats.

Ironically, there are few strange items that you can pack in your carry-on which you wouldn’t expect these items could be hand-carried into the plane.
If you are hopelessly disorganised when it comes to packing your hand carry luggage – check out this ‘minimalist’ packing method below. Last I knew that is the only way you can tell, seems that we may have a lot of claims for knife cuts. Attempt to bring a bottle of water through security, though, and well, that makes you a threat.
This is a BAD IDEA and I'm glad the Flight Attendants at Southwest are putting up a fight. That said no explosive has brought down an airplane in the recent past but small knives in the form of box cutters has. One can take a small knife and other now approved objects on board, but not allowed to get a sealed bottle of H2O through the checkpoint. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
Passengers on international flights to and from Australia are only allowed to carry a small amount of liquids (including aerosols and gels) in their carry-on baggage. Certainly not Wilkens, who is now offering their thoroughly contemporary interpretation of classic luxury luggage through a unique crowdfunding concept. Conceived in Barcelona and produced in Flathead Valley, Montana, the W1 Suitcase puts you in control of your luggage. Their ?Texas? leather has been handpicked for its ability to mature with age, and this is why we love this backpack. TUMI’s success can be traced to its continual focus on its principles of design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation. An innovative travel philosophy that has opened the way to a whole new way of conceiving the suitcase: that of the non-handle with care, where damage is no longer a problem.
The material is soft to the touch, durable, malleable, and (amazingly) washing machine safe. The color is rich and textured, due to the cellulose fiber construction, which is completely environmentally friendly.
It is expandable and features a spacious, accessible front pocket, and it moves effortlessly in every direction on double turning wheels. It expands by 2″ for extra capacity when you need it and has two packing compartments. The bag features two external pockets, an internal pocket in each gusset with leather strap closures, and an additional internal zip pocket. In a tired industry defined by the same old zipper and flap design, Trunkster’s patent-pending suitcase designed with impeccable construction and intelligent features defines a new standard for the discerning traveler, bidding farewell to the brittle zippers, cumbersome flaps, flimsy handles, and unreliable wheels of old.
Ideal for that three day conference you need to attend in Geneva, San Francisco or Singapore.
It offers space for your overnight essentials: spare clothing, shirts and ties, shoes, underwear and other essentials.
Designed to hold your laptop and chargers as well as a change of clothes and personal items, the bag was conceived to provide the functional aspects of a modern laptop bag with the aesthetics and quality of a timeless suitcase. Ideal for travelling, the compartments also provide commuters with a ?one bag solution? for gym or sport wear and a day at the office.
Strangely, I noticed a handful of the passengers were bringing in odd-looking souvenirs like large paper kites into the plane which seems‘improper’ to be brought into the plane in the first place.
If you think ‘Snakes on a Plane’ movie is merely a fiction – think again as there was a rattle snake found in an unclaimed luggage. Grab a right hand luggage size, and make sure it doesn’t store prohibited items and exceed 5 kg, and then, place it into the overhead bin and BAM! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If this petition gets 100,000 signatures by April 05, 2013, the White House will review it and respond!We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama Administration to take action on a range of issues.

As far as the guy above who thinks he should be allowed to carry his duffle on board - why?
Considering the size restrictions on carry on bags, make it impossible to carry a golf club in a bag, to put in overhead storage.
It makes no sense that a larger bottle of water is banned, but several small bottles are permitted. The restriction covers items such as drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste and other similar substances.
You configure your own, online, when you choose the combination of materials and colours that suits you best.
All this without forgetting the functionality and comfort of an object that has been created using the most advanced materials. Designed to be used on a daily basis, its size is accommodating to all everyday objects such as laptops, tablets, notebooks, and cell phones. The metal clasp enclosure is strong and the handle, made of metal with a plastic coating, is comfortable in the hand. Tegra-Lite® is constructed from Tegris®, a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material created by Milliken® for use in lifesaving armour, Nascar race cars and protective gear for NFL players. There is a hanger bracket for suits and longer garments and interior pockets for accessories. A smart sleeve strap on the back allows you to connect it over your rolling luggage handle.
In a phone call to TSA the representative could not give any explanation of why this measure has been relaxed.
The safety of flight crew and fellow passengers more at risk from these objects that a bottle of water. One aqquanticen of mine had his hockey sticks broken when he went to Minnesota for a hcokey tourtment, another aqquanticne also had his golf clubs broken when he was going to Pebble Beach.
With your Crash Baggage you will feel relaxed and at the same time unique while travelling.
A new addition to the world of briefcases, this bag is everything you could want and need all wrapped into one. TUMI has worldwide, exclusive rights to use the Tegris material within the travel industry.
This proven, lab tested crease-free process involves rolling your suit with a bespoke textile garment bag and torso shaped hanger.
The TSA policies and procedures are not in place to keep you personally safe from all dangers from attack by anyone. If people with pocket knives are so scary why aren't the people with scissors equally scary? Seehsh I think that the TSA is doing all of us sports-loving-good-carers -of-equitment type of people. The three men where carrying about three quarts of explosives on them THAT WAS CONCEALED IN SODA MIXTURE AND ACTUALLY NEVER OPENED THE BOTTLE! You can personalize this model with your free monogram to make this your own personal TUMI trolley.
John S Pistole, head of tsa, before he allows even less intellegent security measures in the future. So TSA cannot be leanant with liquids, if you haven't noticed that we have made soo many enemies in the last few centureis. And if the crowdfunded concept takes off, initial patrons even get a piece of the action moving forward.

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