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But before we do that, let’s see how bad it truly is as you may wind up in a similar situation to us on your next trip abroad. The shaft on the inside is bent and the retractable rod is having a hard time going back down. The button on the handle is no longer connecting with the trigger mechanism to lower the rods.
The best part about this one in our mind is that the tape can be easily removed, so no permanent changes are done to your bag in case you want to do a more robust fix later on.

You’re coming to the point where only one thing can help you get over the issues, and that is buy a new bag. So if you tried out this fix, or have another issue you just cannot repair, you may be finding yourselves in a situation where the best outcome is to stop stressing out and start looking into that new bag you’ve been dreaming of over the past few weeks.
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The handle to the bag has become stuck when in the extended position and will not push back into the body of the bag.

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