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In the market for a simple, affordable way to monitor the location of your luggage as soon as it joins the rest of the checked-in baggage at the airport?  The Trakdot Luggage Tracker should fit those requirements.
A small palm-sized device, it can be crammed to fit into the mass of stash in your luggage.  Once inside, you can track the location of your bag directly from a smartphone, so you know exactly where it is in case the airline messes up and loses your case among the pile.
To use, you'll need to register your gadget on the official website, specifying how you want to be notified about your luggage's location.  You can choose to receive notifications via email or SMS messages, with the option to turn off both if you'd rather use the official app to find your luggage in real-time. For GPS to work, it needs to a have a clear field of view to the sky so that the GPS satellites can track it. So if this device is sitting inside a suitcase, inside an airport somewhere, how will the GPS satellites be able to track it?! The prototype luggage technology, known as Bag2Go, involves embedding a satellite tracker and bar code display on to the suitcase. The prototype luggage technology, known as Bag2Go, involves embedding a satellite tracker and bar code display on to the suitcase.Using a smartphone, a passenger sends details of their flight to the airline which in turn sends back a bar code which is shown on the display unit of the case. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Luggage loss could be a thing of the past thanks to a small new GPS device that makes it easy to track where luggage has ended up and looks to help out the owners of some 23 million bags lost each year. Bluetrack’s Prime 1300 device claims to offer almost real-time tracking from a range of smartphone and tablets thus providing travellers with significant peace of mind when it comes to luggage.

The figures on lost luggage are enough to make anyone think twice about obtaining one of the devices with almost 23 million pieces mislaid in 2012, which is 2,600 an hour and 4.6 per cent of them are never reunited with owners.
The device also benefits from 360-degree geofencing that informs the owner by SMS if the device exits the given perimeter. In the future, when you travel through airports, you will know where your luggage is at all times, even after you hand it off at the ticket counter. Not only will the Smart Luggage be able to send you its location at just the right time, but if you already have your luggage back, and say you happen to stray too far from it, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, prompting you that leaving your baggage unattended is not such a good idea. Now, there are already Bluetooth accessories for the latter, but the next idea that Samsonite has for luggage is even more legit. In other news, Apple will be announcing a brand-new, first of its kind product, iLuggage, in 2017. Then it gets hacked and someone realizes you aren’t home and upon your return, you find your house ransacked by TSA agents who left a note at the open front door saying it was ransacked under TSA policy. If there is a demand, companies will start to make very inexpensive trackers you can just put in your luggage. Because it hasn’t happened to you, no one else has ever had their bags stolen or lost by an airline, right?
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It also has a battery save mode feature that allows it to show anything between one and four GPS positions per day with the corresponding battery life adding up to anything from three to 12 months.

Losing luggage while travelling can be disastrous as it can ruin a holiday and cause endless problems for business travellers, especially if there are important documents, formal wear or equipment such as cameras or memory chips stored in the bag,” Walker added. Imagine your luggage following just behind you at about six inches, never straying too far out of reach, all on its very own. Then Richard Yarrell will be on every luggage board and website saying Samsungnite is best luggage, period. Better yet, this is something they are already working on, with prototypes already being tested. The early prototypes use an engine that takes up a third of the space and weighs 20 kilos. But if you look at music speakers, they used to be huge and are now tiny. This should be perfect for the 6 pounds of clothes I pack for a typical vacation when I check my bag. Occasionally bags don’t arrive with you because of flight delays and such but the airlines can generally locate the bag with a quick computer search of the last scan.

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