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Remember: for precise times and information for getting from Kyoto or Osaka to Nagano please check out Jorudan or Hyperdia.
From Shin-Osaka or Kyoto station, catch the Tokkaido Shinkansen to Nagoya (usual travel time is 40-55 minutes). Transfer at Nagoya Station to the Chuo Honsen line and catch the Shinano Limited Express bound for Nagano Station (normal transit is 3 hours) that travels through the scenic Kiso Valley. Returning to Osaka from Nagano there is one train a day that goes all the way to Osaka from Nagano via Matsumoto. There was previously also an overnight train from Osaka to Nagano via Nagoya and Matsumoto but now appears to be discontinued.
Left luggage storage is available in both Kansai Airport and Osaka Station (see map in Japanese).
If having a stopover in Osaka, Nagoya or Kyoto along the way you can easily arrange good value accommodation here. If just stopping over for a few hours in Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya or Nagano train stations (or bus stations) it’s very easy to find secure coin lockers to store your luggage. Coin lockers are available by both the East and Zenko-ji Exits of JR Nagano Station (cost is ?300-?600). When sending luggage to the airport, sufficient time must be given to guarantee your luggage arrives on time. By forwarding your luggage, you simply bring your luggage or sports equipment to your front door, where it is picked up by a Luggage Forward agent. Now you can eliminate the most frustrating part of air travel - waiting in long check-in lines.
Recently, many airlines have reduced the weight limit of checked luggage and are strictly enforcing the number of bags each passenger is allowed to check.
Whereas airlines specialize in transporting people, Luggage Forward specilizes in transporting luggage. Not waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim gets you to your destination that much sooner. Luggage Forward has the ability to guarantee that your Luggage will be waiting for you at your destination when you arrive. Either by phone or online, your forwarding requirements will be processed by Luggage Forward's proprietary Automated Routing Control system. Shipments may be booked as many as 180 days or as few as one business day prior to your required delivery date. Anything you would normally check, and even some things you couldn’t, can be forwarded directly to your destination in over 200 countries. Luggage Forward can forward almost anything you may need for your travels, including liquids, gels, toothpaste and other items that are restricted by most airline carry on policies.
Tourists can arrange for their luggage to be shipped to the airport, in English, at this Sagawa Express counter at a hotel in Tokyo.
Nikkei Asian Review is the only publication that brings you Insight about Asia, from the inside out. When the question is raised about whether or not to check luggage, my motto is typically, a bag in the hand is worth two in the undercarriage. I recently went on a cruise with Holland America and was traveling around New Zealand before my cruise. I have used a few services so far, esp when i do multiple hops on international travel and want my bags to arrive at my destination. Baggage Butler is a new luggage forwarding service with the sole objective of making airline travel enjoyable again, using innovative logistical planning to get your luggage to you for a low cost, with secure online booking, confirmation and payment. The airport service is a more reliable than luggage forwarding direct to your villa or apartment, because you would have to wait in for the courier to deliver your belongings in that case.
A grocery shopping service is also available at hypermarket prices, so you can start your holiday straight away.
Your Baggage Butler is contactable at all times on a local number and when your trip is over he will collect your luggage at departures at a pre-arranged time on you way home to be delivered to your home address. We text you when your baggage is safe and sound at the depot and then your personal Baggage Butler tracks your flight. Baggage Butler will roll out this format worldwide and is looking for individuals or companies to run local franchises at popular destinations.
For onwards transport options to Nozawa, Myoko, Jigokudani and Togakushi from Nagano City click here.

Get off at Matsumoto and transfer for trains bound for Hakuba (the local Oito line or the Super Azusa Express).
The train leaves at 2.00pm and takes five hours and twenty minutes to Osaka station with no need to change trains the whole way through. Some Meitetsu trains go to Nagoya station whilst others terminate at Kanayama station (see below). If arriving during peak hour be careful about which train you take or you might end up like the following. Luggage, including skis and snowboards, can be delivered anywhere in Japan, usually overnight. Luggage sent from the Japan ski areas to either Nagoya or Kansai airports requires luggage to be sent two days before departure. You no longer have to haul heavy suitcases or cumbersome sports equipment to and from the airport.
Traveling without your luggage will allow you to go directly to your departure gate, saving you time. You will choose class of service, pick up times and custom insurance amounts for each item. Luggage Forward offers a range of express services both domestically within the United States and internationally. 115 km (WW 1110)B: 7 days Pfalzer Weinsteig (5 stages) 1st part of the trail from Neuleiningen to Burrweiler, approx.
Train departures: Departure from the train station at the end point location of the hiking tour.
Travelers who want to sightsee without hauling around their luggage can bring it to the counter. Read our review of Luggage Forward and the pros and cons of shipping baggage to your destination to see if the service is worth it for you. As someone who travels frequently for both business and pleasure, I’ve had more lost luggage incidents than I care to recall, and I am certainly not alone. Most of them have worked ok - but the last one i used - Luggage Forward - was just horrible in every way i can think of. You can then travel with just hand baggage in the knowledge that your suitcase is waiting for you at the other side. Ask at the tourist information offices in any of the above train stations. See the Kansai Airport access map below. Fast train services are also available from the airport and these services stop at Osaka station. If you are taking the JR Express Shinano for Matsumoto and Nagano, you need to change to the JR line either at Kanayama station or Nagoya station. The courier companies operate out of the airports, so you can send your luggage as soon as you pass through customs. A It allows guests to travel to their destination without having to try to negotiate luggage up and down stairs and in crowded train stations. Most suitcases and bags can be stored in lockers at the larger stations, however there is no storage for skis and snowboards. Luggage will be stored up until the date of your departure and this information is specified on the luggage tag before it is sent. Based on your selections, a total shipment price will be given before you confirm the shipment.
Luggage Forward has the ability to forward almost anything that you need to have with you when you travel. 85 km (WW 1111)C: 7 days Pfalzer Weinsteig (5 stages) 2nd part of the trail from Burrweiler to Schweigen, approx. Where several route sections are booked together, a rest day will be scheduled between the end of each route section and the start of the next.
Departures by car: Return journey to your car at the starting point location of the hiking tour.
Mishandled luggage complaints in the United States jumped 83 percent between 2002 and 2007, according to Specialists in Air Transport Communications and IT Solutions’ (SITA) 2008 Baggage Report.
They promised 6 day delivery - delayed way beyond their commitment, but that i could live with.

However, Shinano does not stop at Kanayama, so you need to catch a local train to Chikusa and transfer to the Shinano Limited Express (see instruction as above for Osaka and Kyoto). Look for the many service counters that are usually sited at the end of the departure lounge (for collection) or arrivals hall (for sending).
There is no restriction on taking luggage on board the shinkansen (bullet train), but in practice these trains are designed with quite a lot less luggage space than most other train services. The luggage will be held by the luggage courier company at the airport and must be collected from there and then checked in to the flight departure counter by the owner of the luggage. 85 km (WW 1112)D: 6 days Pfalzer Waldpfad (4 stages) 1st part of the trail from Kaiserslautern to Merzalben, approx. Arrival by car or train at the first hotel of the tour (hotel parking may be charged separately, depending on hotel!). The worst was - they misclassified the bags, got it stuck in customs in India, and I had to make 2 trips to the airport to clear it with customs officials, pay DHL clearing fees, and finally got my bags 14 days after shipping, and 10 hours and 2 trips at the airport.
Nonetheless, all trains in Japan have very limited luggage space; overhead storage and a small luggage shelf at either end of the carriage are standard on all trains.
75 km (WW 1113)E: 6 days Pfalzer Waldpfad (4 stages) 2nd part of the trail from Merzalben to Schweigen, approx. Baggage forwarding to Haneda Airport is available, while service to Narita Airport is to begin next month. Many specialize in transporting expensive sporting goods that you wouldn’t want an airline to handle anyway—skis, golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles—but they’re just as happy to take a standard-size roller, as I learned when I tested out one such service when flying from New Hampshire to Washington this winter. The Boston–based company has an easy-to-use online form that generates a quote based on a complicated pricing matrix—the size, shape, speed and distance of your shipment all play a role.
The hardest part of the process was weighing how soon I wanted my things to arrive against how much I wanted to pay; delivery levels for a medium-sized bag started at $225 one way for next-day Express service and trickled down to $111 for five-day Basic delivery.
15, 2009 quoted $200 for Express service and $105 for Basic.) I selected a Standard three-day delivery that rang in at $163. Prices are lower for shorter legs, and travelers booking a round trip can opt for a cheaper, and even slower, Economy level on the return portion. The nice thing is that the service is customizable—you can choose a faster service for the trip out and a slower one for the return; or if you have multiple destinations on your itinerary, you can have bags picked up or delivered at different locations.
And if you decide you need to reroute, or realize you underestimated the size of your suitcase, it’s no problem: The company has on-call customer service representatives who are courteous and responsive.
When was the last time you could say the same of a baggage experience with a commercial airline?Potential Pitfalls Because Luggage Forward and most of its competitors use domestic shipping providers like FedEx and UPS, service is subject to the vagaries of those companies—no pick-ups or drop-offs on Sundays and holidays, and limited service on Saturdays.
Bags are collected within a four-hour window (a precise pick-up time costs an extra $45), and drop-offs are even more unpredictable, though you can track your bag’s progress online. Luggage Forward also operates internationally, but the cost and delivery time can increase considerably depending on the destination. Another point that left me wondering: Deliveries don’t require a signature and are left on the doorstop if there’s no one at home, but the company’s $500 guarantee doesn’t cover bags once they are dropped off. Luggage Forward will include special instructions if you direct them in advance, but otherwise, you’ll have to trust your neighbors.Worth the Cost? My experience was seamless: The labeling instructions were easy to follow, and my suitcase turned up unscathed at my destination. I was disappointed that even the most expensive service wouldn’t deliver my bag as quickly as if I’d carried it myself, especially if I happened to be flying over a weekend. But for those who don’t urgently need whatever is being sent, luggage forwarding makes for a pleasantly buoyant travel experience. For single parents or other travelers who could use one less worry and an extra free hand, the load off is priceless. Discounted rated are available to Starwood Hotels customers, AAA members, Clear Registered Travelers and others. The service has a flat-fee structure—a search at the time of my flight quoted $179 for next-day delivery, though prices have dropped a bit since then.

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